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Tutors, generally regarded as schools of education to add. Parent-tutor, mostly to improve the children's study, either in order to foster the skills, help the harmonious development of the child, to cultivate good personality. At present, Chinese tutor network puts forward new ways of parenting for you: "individual" private tutoring. We have a selective list of some high level faculty, strict teacher certification management system to manage. For students of different learning situations, "one", "point to point" or "face-to-face" teaching methods, for your child to provide appropriate, high quality tutoring, help in the short term " illness", effectively improve the children's study.
First of all, tutors should be based on specific circumstances "for application, please":
Are top-notch. The contents of such students often feel that the teacher, "not enough to eat," "satisfied," and tutor to give them "snacks", contribute to the promotion of high IQ. Chinese tutor network instructors are mostly students from universities across the country, they are a repository, has a wealth of knowledge and learning, digging up new learning methods for elementary and middle school students. For top-notch students, these students are the best choices and role models.
Second was good student. Such students often have some aspects and aspects of special interests and talents, tutoring help to develop their special talents, training professionals. When the tutor, course counterpart of college students as far as possible, such as looking for mathematics students fill in the Department of mathematics, students can not only make up the usual textbooks didn't understand the contents of can also be University students under the guidance of the correct and learn deeper knowledge, and finally turned to look at those problems when they think it is difficult. Teachers of Chinese home network all over the country, wide range of professionals involved, most of them school students, these students find the right tutor, the success rate is very big.
Third, students, learning has great difficulty, difficulty completing normal school students. This tutor is conducive to intellectual development of students, and complement classroom learning deficiencies after a free fall of their peers. Chinese tutor network faculty is scrutinized, in addition to its own master is learning, but also good at communicating with others, they usually have extensive tutoring experience, know what kind of approach for different students and methods. According to tutoring to achieve the desired effect.
Four is the most students, which some students take the fast, but memory is not strong; there are also some understanding, understanding memory after a long period of time. Their academic grade point average is not too bad, but it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough, if we can have a tutor to give timely guidance, may receive less effective results.
To remind you: private tutoring for their children, first of all to respect their children's ideas, communicate, don't give him a psychological burden, if he had a rebellious attitude, more and more disgusted, it would have the opposite effect, lost its significance as a tutor.