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Develop good habits at the same time it is necessary to correct bad habits. For children, we will find that they have a lot of bad habits: bad kids are learning bad habits; moral problem of children must be moral habits are not good. What to do?
We'll revisit ushinski said: "nerve not only reflection can be gifted, but also activities under the influence of new reflection capabilities. " Through education, through training, people can form new habits, new reflections. We can be corrected through training your child's bad habits.
Correcting bad habits there must be a scientific attitude and methodology. Guangdong an elderly gentleman temper rush heard 21 days to develop a good habit, let the granddaughter to correct bad reading habits, but 30 days to no avail, so doubt scientists theories. In fact, any theory must be combined with practice, should be from the reality of children, simply call the shots to children is impossible to achieve good results.
There are many good methods and develop good habits. For example, there's a mother surnamed Gao, her son in grade five, learning to sit, write 1 hour job, stand up about 10 times, open the refrigerator and see what goodies; later turned on the TV to see cartoons didn't; while standing at the window, and see who is playing outside. Doing homework, grades, please?
Learning to sit is a bad habit for many children. But MOM is very intelligent, she used a distinction reinforced technology, to say: you are a smart boy, you can learn better. You get 1 hour up 10 times, isn't that too much? Can you let me see you 1 hour only stop 5 times? Children know their mother paid attention to him, he said: 5 to 5. Do your homework the next day, sure enough, stand up only 5. Mother: Oh, my son is really something, changed in a day by half, progress is too big, I think you stand 4 can do it. Child: 4 4 back ... ... Slowly, the children with homework, it doesn't stand up.
High MOM would use a lot of technology to train children to good habits. For example, children enjoyed 6:30 watching cartoons, he agreed: today stood up in less than 3 times when you do your homework, you'll be able to watch cartoons, more than 3 times, cartoon can't read it.
This means that, while not up to a standard, must be limited to punish, the punishment must be deprived of his favorite things, this time unable to adore their kids, that's all right. But he achieved this standard, you have to reward his favorite things. Children through the adjustment slowly got used to it. Secrets of habits, can summarize in a word: develop good habits by addition, subtraction for correcting bad habits.
If a child has a bad habit, learn to sit, the old stand up, my mother often said: learning is learning to stand up. You just said not to stand up, immediately under the kids like nails, the uncomfortable, not stand up and not, must stand up. You don't let stand, he endured and still have to stand up. This nervous system is at work, working against the indomitable. So this is useless, can only be used for reducing.
From the children's education, kindergartens and primary schools is one the key to get into the habit of time, best time. The core of education is not knowledge, but the cultivation of healthy personality and good habits is the solid foundation of healthy personality.