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&Nbsp;    a person's success without the encouragement and praise. Everyone needs praise, like growing need the warmth of the Sun. No encouragement and praise, the child will experience a loss in the spirit. Proper to give children encouragement and praise, and to give strength and hope to children.
Psychologists tell us that "raising children without other tricks, just praise them. When they had finished eating, praise them after painting the picture, praising them when they learn to ride a bike, praise them, encourage them. "" Harvard girl "Liu yiting, and appreciated you of children in the beat deaf became students of Liu TINGTING, success of example, all proved encourages and praise in training children in the has huge of role, Western of parents never mean on children said" you is great ", and" you really rod ", and" you really great ", praise of language, its purpose is makes children get achievements sense, enhanced self-confidence.
Praise and encouragement is the embodiment of the principle of positive education. Carnegie's secrets of success education is encouraging people, ready to appreciate others, and create a positive, optimistic atmosphere. Advocate teachers in education and teaching in the sciences for students to "encourage, encourage, encourage", well, there is some progress, are encouraged, and students have access to education on the benign cycle track. Teachers at work can do "more than three": how much respect and protect students ' self-esteem; motivation, boost student confidence; expect to stimulate students ' ambition. Students at school are caring and encouragement, appreciation and praise at home, self-confidence and desire to succeed will be increasingly enhanced.
"The deepest intrinsic quality of human nature, desire is appreciated" to encourage and praise belongs to the power belongs to life, belong to hope, dare to praise your children.