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Can clearly be found in the dictionary definition of family education, and family education: parents of children on moral education, etiquette. Everybody knows, the advantages of home education is beyond comparison of school education and social education. The advantages of this kind of education is on the child's personality, habits play a very important role, it is more likely to have emotional resonance, directly affect children emotions, attitudes, or even decide their children's behavior.
For China's tens of thousands of parents want to educate their children, to educate their children to correct their health, most of them fast from various sources of family education methods. Helps parents master education method and theory of books is the good helper for guiding parents family. Facing huge tutor book market space, home schooling books become a hot topic of press and marketing in recent years. And compared to last year's parenting books, tutor books published this year more diversity, personality type tutor books have increased markedly, personalized education, every other generation education and ordinary education brought a new concept of family education books have come. A large number of representative tutor books published new trend of book appeared in we front, as told children, you really Rod foster boy "growth book square" series children, put you of hand to I crooked dad crooked MOM optimization growth Nancy Nancy tutor documentary do wisdom type parents, book competing published, family books also with family with into diversified.
Personality cultivation instead of intellectual development, "study hard, fun, first for ten years, 20 years after Fu", "seriously, learn the"
On CCTV near issue's tell it like it is, "talk with Dear Abby" column, the hosts asked all the parents and children, most parents say to their children's Word is something, they say the words. Tell a child that you are great agony aunt Lu Chin, author of the book the view that current family has settled into a "utilitarian" errors, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children, parents have an urgent need to change their concept of family education.
Because home schooling books closely related to education, social. Qian two years, and parents are of "utility sex" tutor views same, family class books also exists with "utility sex", from overall Shang see, large books are to case of wonderful to replaced on general law of described, still to admitted to school as measure children success of most main standard, to "Harvard girl", and "Tsinghua boy" for selling caught parents hopes of urgent mentality; and this class books also occupy has tutor books of main location, get has general parents of identity. Therefore, the Harvard girl Liu yiting, sold more than 1 million copies, and then out of the Tokyo University boy Wang Xinhua about successful family cases such as the Harvard boy Zhang Zhaomu, books become mainstream. Tutor book topics during this period marked by intellectual light moral characteristics. Parenting books, intellectual development, tutoring books were full, moral books has also published, but not much attention, Publisher does not give good publicity in this respect and guidance. From tutor books published this year, intellectual book occupy one space, but the inculcation of moral quality education and the training of the child character, creativity, social skills, and personality development book published significantly intensified, reflect the tutor book of personality characteristics. To emerge this year, the children, give me your hand, the foster boys, love is a circle, the children educated in my family, the children of your awesome book belongs to this column.
Talk about why personality type tutor books will be introduced, the child, give me your hand, crouched down and children (Jinghua publishing house) two books zebian CAI also introduced, in the child's life, form is the most important character. Although the tutor many of these successful cases, but the child grows up can not be reproduced, each child to succeed is impossible, so press home education books is needed for most children's books , especially not to neglect the development of children's moral character, because it is about the child's life. Since the launch this year of the child, give me your hand, crouched down and having children, letter from the Editorial Office received many calls from readers, and encourages them to continue such tutoring books. Therefore, the third book will be released immediately. China social sciences publishing house launched this year's foster boys also won market acclaim and has now sold more than 30,000 copies. Zebian Guo Yi wen introduced according to the book, the child's intellectual development is only one aspect of child development, and the healthy growth of children should be to morality, comprehensive development, so the foster needle for the book boy boys character, about how to train the boy's good character.
Transform elite education to personality education we have noted, this year's family education training content of key terms, topics are a breakthrough. Books mentioned more and more comprehensive approach to education, character education for different personalities of children books, such as the Mozart storm of education, the rebels stopped parents of the child, be a happy book. The Cici tells children across generations of elderly education tutor from the beginning of the documentary published by the PLA Publishing House, elite educational books are still emerging, Harvard Godson, Carl weter's education book of the pillow book, such as Peking University and Tsinghua University scholar on family education books continue to appear on the horizon.
Women's publishing house, China this year launched a "growth of book shops"  first, second series, is responsible for the selection, editorial Fan Guobin introduced, each child's different by nature, different preferences, selection should be based on the child's personality is best for his approach to education. The Club launched the Mozart storm of education dedicated to the Suzuki method of music education, parents how to provide references for educating children with artistic talent. In addition, the "growth of book shops" other books not in child admitted to school as a consideration of parent education, child's success, but focuses on a variety of teaching methods. The core plate family books as a publishing house of the year, forty or fifty species have been published. Which is the way we have sold sixty thousand or seventy thousand copies of the child's education. In addition, you can also find, tutor books readers have also been broadened, tutor book readers in addition to the child's parent, many children's grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, every generation of the elderly tutor books new readers. Every generation education tutor books a selection of breakthrough point. Cici, published by the PLA publishing house tutor documentary will focus on the development of new readers, every generation a real education in the book cases and expert reviews combined, become a new bright spot in the tutor book.
Reporter in Beijing's Wangfujing Bookstore family Library area found, nearly half a year to tutor books categories more complete, more about 30% over the 2003, sales by leaps and bounds. Tell a child that you are really good in two months it has sold more than 3,000 copies. According to Wangfujing Bookstore educational stores manager Lu Qingxiang introduced, Qian two years has has had tutor bestseller, General are is attention intellectual of family class books, to "Harvard girl", and "Tsinghua boy" for selling, Harvard girl Liu yiting and the similar of "North girl", and "Yale boy" are belongs to this column, but this year tutor bestseller more diversified , not only has heavy intellectual of Liu yiting of learning method and training details, also has training children personality of told children, you really Rod foster boy, With elite education Harvard to teach children the Pillow Book of Carl weter's education ... ... And parents significantly more to buy books, not only includes the twenty or thirty-year-olds parents, even under age sixty or seventy elders as well as the education of grandchildren, granddaughter to purchase such books, is not limited to one when they buy books, mostly on need to purchase two to three.
Expert guidance into the mainstream two years ago, advanced tutoring concepts are introduced by the book publisher, but hot-selling books, but outside the narrative of the case, original theories of education, less education, and overseas tutors, tutoring is packaged and hyped the story heats up. In previous years tutor book to introduce the majority of different tutor books published this year's more original works, authors of the original work is family education experts or members of the educational and research institutions.
"Education abroad is advanced, but want to make a difference. Because of strong national education, the cultural backgrounds of different countries different educational concepts are not identical. Now specializes in family education in China and the growth of young people there are many institutions and experts, they are more familiar with China's reality and the education system, their approach to education and therefore more feasible. Parents parenting books should be to improve education quality, not some trick to educate their children. Now a lot of parents ' attitude is not very good, would like to have a book to guide their children into geniuses or top, this mentality is not normal. Education is about the methods and theories of, good parenting books can guide parents to think, parents choose a teaching in his own country, we must first have peace of mind, you read is to improve their quality, not learn a few trick. "As the author of the parenting book, the famous family education expert, family education, said Zhao Zhongxin, Director of the Professional Committee of China education society.