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"You speak to parents a few times? "" Parents birthday when you would remember to call them? "" How often do you write a letter to your parents? " Tomorrow is world Hello day, xihua University among college students a questionnaire about the family. Facing eight large family to ask questions, many students reflect on: transportation and communication tools now more and more developed, but emotionally and parents increasingly alienated, family attitudes are increasingly weak.
Survey results: family a discount of xihua University News Center investigated the more than more than 80 university students, has set a total of 8 questions, involved phone number, topic, who actively write, call time, frequency, writing content, remember the birthday and her parents in the eyes of their parents. They hope the investigation, arousing the students the importance of family, society on parenting to Thanksgiving.
Statistics displayed, 82% of students and parents of contact way is phone, only 8% of students also retained has and parents communications of habits; and parents weekly contact once of students only 8%, has 43% of students is long time only and parents contact once; only 9% of students annual are can remember parents of birthday, only 22% of students will often to parents gift real; has 74% of students admitted sometimes to parents lie; only 28% of students put parents as himself of talk object, and 68% Students choose a friend to confidant.
Students reflect on love need a junior girls surveyed Xiao Yi said, most of the time, and is very concerned about the parents, but the fact is that the parents take the initiative to call her, she will report their learning in school life. Xiao Yi regrets, love for parents should not be put in the heart, but to proceed: "hand write letters to my parents, in my parents ' birthday present of a token, even a modest gift or an affectionate hug, are bound to make parents feel welcome. "A sophomore boys believe that in many cases like and worry about friends, do not want to scare parents, parents worry about, and their parents communicate less and less.
Parents admits: love not seeking returns one students of father on Sherwood University News Center of this survey said has he himself of feel: children grew up has, became sensible has, not need we too worry about, children now in University in the continues to studies, is they himself efforts of results, they to face fierce of social competition, learning also is hard, as long as children can in life of track Shang down to go good each step, we do parents of on assured has. The father said, in fact, do parents ' love for their children is not required to return, as long as the child is able to write a letter, make a phone call, very satisfied, children can grow up healthy and happy is a great comfort to them.
On November 10, the modern Express newspaper story: a prestigious University's outstanding graduate in total disregard of the home debt-ridden, frequently in order to socialize and to send money home, when home he bought more than 300,000 homes, he was still too few and the old father said "trample on my toes" malicious words. So unfilial son old father, deeply puzzled: "to ensure that children learn, our industry and frugality, children tea and bottled water, work. Why are kids so doesn't know any better? What did we do wrong? ”