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A survey showed that students in most traditional superstition has correct understanding, 88% of high school students "don't believe medicine man jump great God can cure the disease." But is also a fortune teller, on the Internet and transformed into "Science" and that will greatly improve the credibility in the eyes of middle school students. Survey "believe", "believe" fortune teller online students, respectively, 41% and 5%. In addition, there is something 11% that meets certain difficult decisions, online fortune teller for the decision. Obviously, such a "high-tech superstition", it does a lot of damage for middle school students.
Temptation of horoscope today, not only is a Web site, in the most legitimate book market, there are plenty of printing elaborate horoscope, horoscopes, fate, trumpeted in the book, and readers of this book, mostly high school students.
Not long ago at a book fair, I see a lot of young students crowded in front of the astrology books, talking about garner. One junior high school student said, "none of the students in our class don't know sign, talking more to each other is also a constellation, horoscope or something, even my good friends I have to count with her constellation is not, very common. "
"I don't believe this stuff", and the other a high school boy standing nearby said. But he added, "but I believe students around these, especially female students, make friends, examination and weekly lucky numbers, holding daily horoscope book today to visit the book fair with them, is designed to find many such books. "
Students are infatuated with "high-tech superstition" was the cause of the fun, including commentary, astrologie, 12 constellation Zhou meaning, love, future, destiny are answered in detail, a lifetime of "horoscope" glance. This is a lot of temptation to the students.
Teachers and parents worry I found that middle school students on "high-tech superstition" crush caused concern among parents. "I can't believe, how could these kids be so superstitious," Ms Li issued such a feeling. Lee said that she had a daughter in junior high school, talk to classmates on the phone all day, "Constellation", "Fortune", "lucky day" and so on, began what she did not understand her daughter said, then from the computer's colleagues learned of what was happening.
Some high school teacher is not enough vigilance. One teacher spoke of his experience has been excellent in the class for one of the students do well on the test, he was called into the Office to talk, the students did poorly on yourself the reason comes down to the day of the test was their "blackberries", forecasts that online doing anything bad. The teacher just thought he was funny, criticism and then finished, did not realize that this is a new "superstition."
Guidance is the key for the "high-tech superstition", popular among young people, experts said, was full of strong thirst for knowledge and curiosity of young students, but lack sufficient knowledge to identify capacity, psychological endurance are particularly vulnerable. In the context of that growth, vulnerable to the lure of bad information, become the victims. Long-term exposure to such scientific information, it is easy to enable young people to extremes. Thanks to the "Fortune" argument, teenagers make mistakes or setbacks, always can find excuses for themselves, which leads to shirk responsibility and courage to face up to difficult, over time, formed a negative Outlook on life.
Schools, parents and the whole society should be concerned about this issue, through a variety of educational activities useful to improve their immune to superstition, train young people positive personality and positive Outlook on life.