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Misconceptions mistaken Division of the Amoeba reproduce by amitosis. In fact, nuclear membrane in the Amoeba Division disintegration, spindle and chromosome formation process, is a typical mitosis.
Myth mistakenly believe that all responses are required in biology can be catalyzed by enzymes. In fact, some reactions in the organism does not require enzymes such as "photolysis of water" can be found in people's education editor of high school biology textbooks for the first book ( compulsory) 56th page 3-8 "diagram of photosynthesis", we can see from the illustration of the photolysis of water just light and chlorophyll molecules, without enzymes participation.
Myth three mistaken for IVF is produced in the test tube babies. In fact, in vitro fertilization is a product of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, that is, in certain cultured in vitro sperm and eggs to fertilized eggs, fertilized egg splitting, develop into a multicellular embryo, then the embryo to the mother culture, and eventually develop into a mature fetus.
Mistake mistake four animals have mitochondria. In fact, roundworms, tapeworms and other parasites without mitochondria because they are long-term adaptation on humans and higher animals lack free oxygen in an environment without aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration.
Myth five mistaken glands are the endoderm develops. In fact, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, breast, scent glands, the pituitary gland develops from the ectoderm, and adrenal gland, testes, ovaries and other glands came from mesodermal development.
Myth six mistaken in prokaryotic cells do not have cell organelles. In fact, prokaryotic cells have Ribosomes, but no clear differentiation of other organelles.
Myth seven mistaken for body fluids including liquid, plasma and lymph. In fact, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, digestive juices, sweat and urine are fluid.
Myth eight mistaken enzymes are proteins. In fact, recent research shows that enzymes can be divided into three categories: ① most enzymes are made up of proteins; Secondly, some enzymes are made up of proteins and nucleic acids c enzymes are made up of DNA. So not all enzymes are proteins.
Myth nine mistaken for green plants can only act as a producer in an ecosystem. In fact, nature has been found about 500 species of carnivorous plant (belonging to the green plants, photosynthesis), when they captured the consumer of the hideous look.
Myth ten mistaken "in somatic cells are polyploid genome containing three or more individual". In fact, polyploidy is "develops from the Zygote, cell genome containing three or more individuals." As wheat is six times, by their pollen by in vitro cultivation of new plants, somatic cells contain three genomes, but not the zygote develops, so instead of three times, but the haploid.