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Recently, Beijing II, v, 24, 22, 65, 125, clove elementary school, Beijing financial school teen 27 English teacher at the school, is over, "United Kingdom education study tour". This is from xiefeierde·halaimu University, London 31 colleges and the dongcheng branch of Beijing Institute of education jointly organized an English teacher training programs.
UK teachers feel most is United Kingdom teachers and Chinese teachers are different ways of preparing lessons, United Kingdom teachers focus on how to teach their lessons interesting. When teaching in the classroom, United Kingdom teacher vivid, lively and interesting. In contrast, "China's English teaching", many still stuck in "cramming", "input", to teach to the test. United Kingdom teacher hopes that Chinese counterparts from examination teaching, queue, teaching, teaching free of anxiety, focusing more on interesting teaching method, focus on how to make the lesson interesting.
At the University of xiefeierde·halaimu, English teacher three times in Beijing to observe foreign teacher's lesson, class objects are foreign students. Three objects are different, a basic introduction to the worst class, also has a certain basis of middle class. Every foreign teacher's teaching has its own different characteristics, each class has a specific "import language" has its own "language questions". Nick impressed teachers teaching to all his "fingers", let the students guess "Where are you from?". Foreign teacher often put articles on the wall, let the students find questions, looking for answers. Teachers are often in the role of acting as a Director, led a group of students acting, singing, storytelling, performance pieces and played skits. In these areas, our schools and our teachers are not doing well enough.
United Kingdom teacher training in teaching the students imagination, creativity and adaptability. Give students time in class to discuss, under the guidance of teachers, give full play to the imagination and creativity of each student. In the classroom teachers are the guidance, entertainment, organizers, control, command, provision of equipment, students are active participants, is the teacher's friends. Framework for teachers to give students the knowledge, the result is not only. Guide students to imagine, to think. United Kingdom China teaching methods are different, the student is independent. Comparison in terms of classes, many schools are the motions, simple steps. United Kingdom in class to do very much, the objective is clear. In China, teachers are concerned about test scores, rankings, not what students have learnt. In the students ' concerns about test scores and class rank, study for the exam all day.