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The essence of education is ultimately conversions and enhance the taste and quality of human resources. To create excellent future generations, must pay attention to the education of humanism in colleges and universities.
Put moral education in the first place, to teaching centers. Highlight the leading role of talents in colleges and universities. Education should be a moral cause. Talents in the 21st century must be both ability and political integrity, must pay attention to knowledge learning, quality improvement, quality of shaping, transcendence, the purification of the heart and the spirit of thinking innovation. The starting point of moral education, not to imprison people, bondage bound people, people, people-oriented, create conditions for the development of people. Simply aim to build a spiritual pillar of moral education and explore the creative potential of the students. Especially in the 21st century marked by innovation, while continuing to strengthen the ideal and belief education, moral education should play an important role in the development of students ' creativity. Moral education should focus on cultivating students ' creativity, determination, judgment, affinity and independent personality. Basic values of moral education from the basic moral, grabs, talent development and lay a good basis for psychological quality and code of conduct. To learn from the start, from the side of things, starting from the daily behavior norm, set up for good and evil, justice and injustice, just and impartial, honest and basic value judgments such as hypocrisy, honor and shame.
From the particularity of high education based on the reality, cultivation of humanism to do better. Colleges and universities are highly dense intellectual place, was the place where various social trend surges and collisions are more concentrated. Higher education shoulder heavy responsibility of realizing the combination of scientific education and humanistic education. This requires that we must deepen the reform of higher education, accelerate innovation, and to promote their integration. Should first create fusion of scientific education and humanistic education concept in higher education. Firmly set up Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the "three represents" important thought's dominance in College, promoting the further development of science education. In efforts to improve the scientific and cultural qualities and operational capacities at the same time, pay attention to improving the ideological and moral quality of the students. To ensure the party's line, principles and policies at colleges and universities carrying out, ensure the Socialist direction of running schools. Second, actively constructing the fusion of scientific spirit and humanistic spirit of discipline, professional construction and curriculum system, create and adapt to new talents training mode. Third, strict teachers into the concept, introduced high moral qualities and dedication of qualified personnel; for existing teachers to continuously strengthen the humanistic spirit of training and updating of scientific knowledge; improving the humane quality of university teachers and scientific literacy. Finally, conducive to science education and humanities education in integration of management system and operation mechanism of higher education. Policies and measures to develop and improve talent development, increased personnel protection, management and development of human resources, activate personnel, use of talents. To create a good working environment and living conditions, enabling technical professionals with solid professional skills, management talent with managerial skills, business personnel with the economic power of a happy mood and high spirits to work and make a good example for the students. So as to create more wealth and material possessions.