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"Nonsense" poem Red Black: this name I recognized

Remember that a few years ago, "pear"? Recently new poetic fire: $literal pioneer black a few poems of the poet: If you want to give me money, and the compliment to the clouds and the what, due to the language straightforward and seemingly at a glance, heat transfer, imitation on the Internet and was "ridicule", calling it "nonsense".
In raised users hot assessment of several first poems in the, which on clouds of praise led to up of discussion and questioned, "heaven of clouds really white Ah/really of, is white is white/very white/very very is white/extremely white/thief White/was white died has/Ah--" users "months Xia beautiful of dream" exclaimed: "black, if you of works also called poems, so we side all form of language and text are is poems. "" Grass seeds "says:" now that nonsense can be a poet, Li Bai and Du Fu would burst into tears. "
Questions and criticisms about this, Black said yesterday this huaxi City newspaper reporter: "' crap ' this name I recognized, but I want to say is this crap, not usually talking about meaningless crap, but refers to a general meaning of habitual digestion, is a linguistic experiment. "He also admits that" of course, I don't expect everyone to understand me. Everyone has the right to express their views. "Huaxi City newspaper reporter Zhang Jie