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Italy tuosikanadaqu art and culture Exchange Association's visit to Henan

CNS, Zhengzhou, March 26 (reporter Duan Xiaoyu)-Henan province overseas Chinese Affairs Office of messages recently, Italy tuosikanadaqu Vice President of cultural and artistic Association Alexander? Margherio professors to visit Henan, Henan province, and met with Foreign Office leadership.
Access, Alexander? Margherio Professor outside Henan province, Deputy Director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Yang conveyed tuosikanadaqu Chang tuosiqi, Deputy Director hope and desire to establish friendly relations of provinces, Henan province, Henan provincial government officials in the fall of 2012 and would like to invite to visit of Florence, capital of tuosikanadaqu, University Institute of Florence, visit tuosikanadaqu projects for future cooperation set up the Henan science and technology park of Florence (University) project to lay a good foundation.
Deputy Director Yang Weibin to Alexander? Margherio professors welcome. He said that Italy has a long history and profound culture, Henan province, and are complementary in many fields and have broad space for cooperation. In recent years, Henan province, with Italy in economy, trade, culture and education exchanges and fruitful cooperation in the fields of our tuosikanadaqu hope and desire to establish friendly relations of provinces, Henan province, welcomed, and thank the tuosiqi, Deputy Head of the invitation. Offices outside the province will continue to strongly support in universities in Henan province and Italy cooperation education in colleges and universities, and will continue to do the basic work for all-round exchanges and cooperation on both sides.
It is reported that tuosikanadaqu is located in Italy in Central. An area of 23,000 square kilometres and a population of 3.75 million. Capital is famous in Florence. The large area in Italy ranked third, crafts, light industry and education in the whole of Europe has an important influence. Tuscany is called beautiful, with its rich artistic heritage and a high level of cultural influence, is considered Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance. (End)