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Jiangxi started the University graduates ' employment and career "sail project"

Nam Cheong on March 17, Xinhua (reporter Luo Xin) reporters learned from the Jiangxi provincial Department of human resources and social security, to promote employment and entrepreneurship, including lead, the job will be implemented this year, Jiangxi water, ability, specific services and information platform for five projects, "sail."
According to understand, publicity led plans including students employment venture reporting preaching activities, introduced students employment venture, and wage paid, and labor relationship, and social security, policy knowledge; post docking plans including perfect to Jiangxi personnel talent network for based of network recruitment platform, efforts cover province all University; capacity upgrade plans including organization carried out students venture training, and career skills training and trainee, according to university graduates "double card business" requirements exploration advance students career skills identification ; Special service plans include graduate employment service week, employment service month, students lead the planning and "three help" project information platform plan includes focusing on exploring establishing school leavers unemployed college students the real-name system, based on the registration certificate issued the unemployment of college graduates and master jobs, unemployed graduates leave school, to set up information platform for real-name registration system for college graduates.
Jiangxi province human resources and Social Security Office introduced, this year Jiangxi will guide and encourages more graduates to urban and rural grass-roots, and SMEs employment and independent venture; strengthening university graduates career skills training and identification work, improve career quality and employment capacity; strengthening university graduates employment trainee base construction, further specification University graduates employment trainee post, improve trainee subsidies standard, formed employment trainee long-term mechanism; selection recruitment "three support a helped" students 2,200 name, gradually improve "three support a helped" College students to work in grass-roots life subsidy standards.