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Primary standards of talents cultivation level is a measure of the quality of higher education

Higher education as a science and technology productivity and important combination of talents resources, their development is important to the country's future and national prosperity. In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council always pay attention to improve the quality of higher education, attaches great importance to training level of higher education. Hu Jintao, General Secretary of Tsinghua University, pointed out in an important speech on the Centennial, and continuously improve the quality, is the lifeline of higher education. Education program stressed that quality is the central task of the development of higher education, is essential to building power in higher education. Improving the quality of higher education, the most fundamental is to improve the talent level.
Improve the level of training is the Foundation for a national power, is also a national prosperity of the country. In today's world is in a new period of transition from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy, facing the challenges of the 21st century, a country in order to gain the initiative in the fierce international competition, must closely rely on the people. Economic and social development and scientific and technological progress have become the most important resource.
Improve the level of training is a necessary requirement for the development of higher education in China, the time required. After more than 60 years, especially the past more than 30 years of development, China has built the world's largest system of higher education, in areas such as personnel training and scientific research in higher education as important contributions to the country. However, we should be aware, higher education in China is not yet completely adapted to economic and social development and people's access to good education for requirements, there is a gap with the advanced international level. Therefore, at this stage, improved quality is the most crucial and urgent task of reform and development of higher education in China, universities must adhere to the theme.
At present, raise the level of training, College is the key to effectively change their ideas, and constantly deepen the reform of education and teaching. Promote students ' healthy development is the starting point and the foothold of college work, promote people's all-round development and meet the needs of economic and social development is fundamental to measure the level of training standards. A University, the principal student, the University, there is hope; teachers have students, the University can do. Universities should promote all-round development of each student, to pay attention to the all-round development of students as a whole; should not only promote the top students stand out more to pay attention to ordinary students ' healthy growth. This on need University change past "light teaching, and heavy research" and "light education, and heavy subject" of concept, firm established talent training in University work in the of Center status, firm set full development concept, and everyone talent concept, and diversification talent concept, and lifelong learning concept and system training concept; while, requirements University to to "thick based, and wide field, and strong capacity, and high quality" for talent training target, focused on training students of criticism sex thinking and across subject thinking and solution actual problem of capacity, Create environment that encourages independent thinking and freedom to explore, to be creative, nurturing students with an international perspective and respect for the cultural diversity of broad mind.
At present, raise the level of training, key to effective respect for talent cultivation by universities law, innovative talents training mode. Well the measure of a University's primary standard, is to look at the talent level is not high, is to promote students ' all-round development and meet the needs of society. Around universities due to the school system, closely around the needs of economic and social development, follow the rules of law of education and talent development, according to the school-running orientation and training objectives, optimizing discipline structure and personnel training, and deepen the reform of course system and teaching contents and teaching methods. Focus on thinking with, explore scientific research talents, and diversified talent-training model of training talents in social practice. Meanwhile, the University must continue to innovate in education links, improving students ' comprehensive quality improvement and evaluation of personality development, conducive to students ' learning, active learning scientific mechanisms and a good development environment.
At present, raise the level of training, and is an important guarantee to effectively strengthen the construction of teaching staff in colleges and universities, created a moral character, business skills, reasonable structure, dynamic team of highly qualified teachers. Is the education of the teachers and their quality directly relates to the quality and level of training. Therefore, the construction of teaching staff in colleges and universities should put it as the school's most important infrastructure work to catch. Through the establishment of a long-term mechanism to strengthen the construction of teachers ' professional ethics and system, improving teacher evaluation standards, the teaching as the primary content of the assessment. Meanwhile, to raise the status of teachers, improve teachers, by perfecting the incentive mechanism of income distribution within the school, skewed towards teachers, inspire and guide teachers teaching, encouraging teachers to focus in training, care caring students devote themselves to teaching, actively carry out educational reform and practice in teaching.
Higher education relating to national development, concerning our national future. The first standard of talents cultivation level is a measure of the quality of higher education, it is a basis of the survival and development of University, as well as needs and mission of the times, need the height of College stations in the country and national interests, working hard, working hard, trying to make school work into improving the quality of talents.