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Degree, is the window dressing is strength

Qin Dahe doubts: why do students want to come so hard the subject read off doctor, obsessed with want to be civil servants?
Huang Jun concerns as medical students, graduate hospital was not combat, trying to finish in the school lab experience, so that doctors can safely give patients to him?
Shu h r dissatisfaction: some small and medium agriculture companies, employ doctorate at every turn to put on the facade, and they are afraid that the wind, Sun, such a person can engage in agriculture?
This reporter encountered in the two interviews three scholars of emotion. Although they come from different areas, but their perspectives on the same issue, major is a facade or a strength?
We complain when students and employing units one-sided pursuit of a higher degree, you should think about what makes education beyond a lot of other factors, become one of the most important criteria for evaluating talent?
First is the research evaluation mechanism. Research units, to survive, must apply for and funding of the project, and the standard is one of the applications to the research unit has strong technological strength, this power often refers to the research unit the number of master's and doctoral students, such as papers published in foreign countries, in each. This research unit in his naturally tend to educated people to enter into corresponding units, only beating my head, her whole body get a degree, practical ability, can only be held in abeyance.
Followed by the personnel evaluation standards. If a person took the award, have been studied, is Dr ... ... Most people nodded and said, what a talent! We will not even the wise men, what he did, what can I do? Society recognized evaluation standards have formed, people will try to snap to the standard, even if you want to give up their major interests, do you even think something silly or a waste of time, also known as pay for granted.
Finally they meet problem. Youth newspaper reported in an article on medical education, a landlocked County Hospital head feeling, "we do not need to master, also do not need a doctor, just to be able to see a doctor, formal medical school students. "In remote areas, difficult conditions, graduates are discouraged, they elbowed his way through the University entrance exam (microblogging) after the bridge, continue to squeeze grind, Cobb's bridge, just to stay in the city or in a unit of strength and background.
When these get a paper degree through the fa├žade worth double, and talent is there strength is insignificant.