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China's first women's University Chancellor who was Lu Xun called "widow running"

Despite she as woman long have does not is ugly, but has never never in spring of Sun Xia bloom had himself life of beautiful; despite she had to died fight life search, but attachment of hands eventually only from times of torrent in the caught got full hand sludge; despite she will to shaping heart for task of education select for himself of lifelong career, but himself that Star for injured and defect of heart is lifelong failed to repair collection.
She is Yang yinyu, Chinese history as the first woman President of the University. Today, her name is not many people know, if not of Lu Xun's story was selected for middle school Chinese Textbook of the memory of Miss Liu hezhen, I'm afraid she is early oblivion--for a long time, this articles is that she almost was nailed in the shame of history column, won the "immortality".
1924 Yang yinyu woman was appointed by the Ministry of education of the Northern Government Beijing Normal University, but was soon serving in the Ministry of education and taught at the LU Xun in the ladies called as a "widow running."
Why Lu Xun once to "widow" to curse Yang yinyu? Lu Xun explained in the article: "as a last resort but lived a celibate life, both men and women, spirit will always remain unavoidable changes, has a stubborn suspicions mostly insidious nature ... ... See some innocent joy to the people, we hate, especially because of repressed sexual desires, so at the end of others ' sensitive, suspicious, envious, and envy ... ... "and Yang yinyu is in such a State of mind to lead a University. Lu Xun in the dreams of the men and women of the headmistress wrote: "into the school at the beginning of August, and she has at the end of July to do the boys to help the girls dream and sleep, classified into official documents, if not mind what your illness, perhaps this is not. I don't want to psychologists to Anatomy, also don't want to punish prig, but thought to set up a dream, framed with this dream, and if it is not, ridiculous, if intentional, is abhorrent and despicable. "It is clear that Lu Xun called her not because she is a" widow ", but because of her" widows "mentality" the school ".
However, when Lu Xun to scold her, do you know how she became "widows"? If Lu Xun knew, he would have called her?
In 1884, Yang yinyu born to a scholarly family in Wuxi city. His father was a lawyer, and her six brothers and sisters, her six year older elder brother Yang Yin hang, her youngest in the three sisters. Either her father or brothers, and all have a certain degree of democracy. Today we can look back, it is such a big family, which affords her, and eventually kill her.
Is because father and brother has must of democratic thought, so Yang yinyu not only can grew up by good traditional culture education, and also can to Shanghai and to Japan and United States accept more open of Western education, became China history Shang first bit woman university principal; also is because she this family end didn't can completely off feudal family of Foundation, so she of marriage also is by parents shots, to matched for principles set has. An auspicious 1901, 17-year old Yang yinyu is a the most honorific manner into a gate of the Chiang family.
Prior to this, the Chiang Kai-shek named master, not to say Yang yinyu I seen was Yang the old woman has not been seen. But the Chiang family, is a large city, and Yang is matched, this family is known--as long as the old lady is the point on the line. So even though young lady has ear-stroke smell Chiang who master a little "work well", but she felt it "doesn't matter", even stealing: men to be honest nothing bad. So far as the Yang yinyu, she heard that a master will become the husband of the Chiang family's descriptions are, people are honest and kind. So she did not how many comments on this marriage, even dull.
Dang girls Yang yinyu uneasy to was lift into has Jiang home, and in bridesmaid, people of one by one indicates Xia, worship had has world, and see had has in-laws, last into has bridal chamber Hou, guest finally bulk do, room in only left she and will became himself husband of that people has, at, she shy to, with that personal gently opened head Shang that red red of hijab, gently to will himself gentle to Range Rover into warm of arms...... Due she reverie Shi, call of a sound, himself head Shang of hijab was people a put pulled has down, she can't help but panic to stare big has eyes, saw station in she before of is a tall of figure, again set eye looked, she finally through red red of candle see has a Zhang silly of face, this face Shang are hanging with silly of laugh, a Zhang greatly of mouth because laugh and is more big, and long long of saliva are from mouth constantly hanging out...... She was frightened by the see this disgusting man, frightened scream broke up, at which point she wished the ground could open a crack, so she better get out of here! She huddled in the corner of carbolic spent, and the man came to her ... ... Still, Yang yinyu fled back to their homes. Go back, it was Yang yinyu refused to divorce, but the Chiang family in any case would not. In this way, Yang yinyu became a "widow".
Returned to the home of Yang yinyu, founded by his brother, Yang Yinhang "Physics and chemistry" book, then went to Suzhou, Shanghai Jing Hai girls hunting girls reading, and then later in 1907 the official fee to obtain eligibility for study abroad and study in Japan. In 1913, the returning Dean Yang yinyu Suzhou women's normal school, a year later, went to Beijing to teach female College in Beijing. In the women's College a few years later, in 1918, and funded by the Ministry of education to study in the United States, and in 1923 by the Colombia University Master's degrees, and slammed for returning with a doctorate in 1924, was named woman in Beijing Normal University. At this point we can easily see, became a "widow" Yang yinyu already bury my love in your heart, while primary energy into his career.
However, is such a pathetic and Honourable "widow" in Chinese history as the first woman Vice Chancellor of the University, believe it should allow others to feel very hateful, and was castigated by Lu Xun.