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Nanshan bilingual school wants a small degree and to be queuing overnight

Yesterday was released by the Shenzhen Bureau of primary degree online application on the first day of the year. Around 8 o'clock in the morning, reporters at the Nanshan bilingual school sees more than more than 200 parents lining up in long queues at the entrance, in an interview with reporters here that many parents to stay up all night.
When reporters arrived on the scene yesterday, saw many of the more than more than 200 parents are holding stool sitting in the front of the school, to about 10 o'clock, there are also many parents outside the school gate waiting for news. Ranked first Ms Fung told reporters that she is from generation to line up the employer 20th with her calling, her 21st start at 8 o'clock in the morning line, one hour 25.
This reporter learned yesterday morning, several parents organized spontaneously as the "parents ' committees", in accordance with the principle of arrival, giving parents a piece of paper with your child's name and a row number note, parents get this "number" you can order on its own line. One parent told reporters that the March 21 school notice, March 22, 8:30 A.M. begins first grade of primary school enrolment, first-come, first-served. Many parents know the news, ranking one day in advance at the school gate.
Nanshan bilingual school principal lanjinren said in an interview, there are still parents queued all night, he still felt unable to hold. He told reporters that in order to avoid overnight position of last night, notice only released one day earlier this year, is to try to control the scene.
Lanjinren said the promise for those with no row-last school students this year will be a priority of the policy, the school also has a kindergarten class of more than 100 students to helicopters, so it only makes the 100 people this year. Lanjinren admitted that schools are not public schools cannot accept online applications, or extra student cannot transfer, the situation would be more difficult to control.
Shenzhen allocation of housing lot Division of family-related, according to the reporter, near the Nanshan bilingual school, Cheung Chi garden, Chinese garden apartment community such as, overseas Chinese town garden, although the large number of residents, but schools around a lot, such as primary, rush elementary school, Marina experimental school in Shahe. Why a private schools allow parents in droves? Many parents standing in line said they are interested in is the quality of teaching in schools.
This reporter has learned, innovative financial education investment mechanism in Shenzhen, the Government purchased to meet the education standards of private schools of compulsory education degree, stable public scale degree, enhance the quality of private schools, guiding private schools offer additional places especially high quality degree. In addition, the journalist yesterday learned from the latest issue of the Government Gazette of Shenzhen will achieve balanced allocation of teachers: good quality school teachers would flow to weak schools, in remote schools, citizen schools teachers will also flow to private schools, establish the city's teachers and manpower management mechanism and platform, unified management of comprehensive evaluation of information and professional development of teachers.
Education: parents, Shenzhen, no early morning Queuing to apply for graduate admissions 2012-2013 school year compulsory education online registration officially launched yesterday. Yesterday morning, because many parents focus on enrollment in the same period, leading to a particular regional recruitment network is "blocked".
Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau issued the compulsory admissions online application tips, tip describes a group of technicians in the timely repair and maintenance, online registration system has returned to normal. To ensure that student enrollment work smoothly, the city Education Bureau recommends parents arrange registration time, peak application as much as possible.
In addition, the city Education Bureau said, where, within a specified period according to the relevant provisions apply for degrees and degree filing receipt, shall be valid applications. All valid applications, the Department of education will not apply for a school place time first as a basis, there is no "first-come, first-served, no after" situation. Submitted by applied materials, parents of school-age children within the specified time, you do not need "early line up to apply for graduate".