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2013 examination review launch in the spring of mathematics review the whole plan

With the 2012 examination the curtain slowly falls 2013 study section of the review has been opened. In order to help our students postgraduate mathematics scientific and reasonable review, today we give you explain 2013 postgraduate mathematics comprehensive review Guide. First of all, for the majority of the students introduce postgraduate mathematics questions as detailed as possible and test content.
Mathematics is the science, economics, management science and other disciplines graduate entrance exam test subjects. For the candidate who most need to get 3 publicness, relative to the other two branches of mathematics are the most difficult to learn, but also the most difficult. Grind to a total score of mathematics is essential.
Neea propositions the basic tendency is: according to the student's actual level of propositions. As from 2000, the country began a large expansion in colleges and universities, students ' overall proficiency declined, so the difficulty of the question were decreased in recent years.
Articles by mathematical content consists of three parts: advanced mathematics (calculus), linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics also can be divided into three categories, namely: number one, number two and number three and number, register for the different professional requires examination of different categories of mathematics.
Some economic majors candidates think, number three in Mathematics examination papers, only economic mathematics. In fact, three test or higher mathematics. Economics majors in maths paper, terminology for a topic may well involve economic topics, such as how to make a product the lowest cost products how to make maximum profit. Don't believe the number three is the economic mathematics exam, take a economic class series on the line. Mathematical one, two or three according to subject requirements review, will have good results.
Science and maths papers demanding for advanced mathematics test, which focuses on the analysis of higher mathematics problem solving. Economic mathematics papers, linear algebra, probability and statistics requirements, candidates should be two dimensional discrete random variable and its distribution as a key review.
Postgraduate mathematics to test what? four abilities. This is the candidate should understand prior to the test prep math problems. Students should not only know the postgraduate entrance examination in mathematics knowledge test, to figure out math ability to want to examine which of the candidates. Is the basics, including basic concepts, theories, the basic arithmetic; the second is a simple analysis of comprehensive ability; the third is examine the application of mathematical theory to economic and technological disciplines; four are examining candidates ' speed and proficiency in problem solving problems.
Analysis of mathematical papers you'll find, 80% questions are based on the topic, run, problems are just a few of the really need to contemplate. Recall when you are becoming a problem, not to talk about solutions, knowledge points clearly involved in the topic understanding? to use formula, theorem is written write? it can't do, how can you move on to the next step in looking for solutions and write the complete process of problem solving?
Math, most needs to be emphasized is the Foundation. Many students don't pay attention to the Foundation's study, but just busy doing exercise, problem, want to win by tihaizhanshu, this is not enough, just like kids want to run is not to walk. Of course, does not mean that no more questions, questions should also be guaranteed.
Next we want to introduce students to how to grasp the basis of mathematics.
First, students need good knowledge of mathematics review summary on the book hard to master. On the General review of the different versions of the book explain the knowledge is comprehensive, detailed, there are examples to explain which summed up the problem-solving skills and methods, formulas, theorems are derived, are focused on memory. For basic knowledge, and basic theorem and basic method, key in understanding, and understanding also exists degree of problem, cannot just stay in see understand has of level Shang, on some easy is derived of theorem, has time must to hands-on push a push, on some basic problem of description, especially calculus in the of some terms of description, must to himself hands-on wrote a wrote, these basics are is important, to spot Shi on can play role has. Students must be aware that in the acquisition of basic concepts and don't forget to use all the formulas, theorems and concepts linked to review, and in this process, to do exercises a lot, because formulas, theorems are not your mind means you have mastered, the key is to be used on problem-solving. The saying goes practice makes perfect, basic concepts of mathematics, formulae, conclusions, in practice, the only true understanding and consolidation. Mathematics questions, but their knowledge structure is basically the same questions are relatively fixed, there is always some problem-solving repertoire, after the master can improve accuracy, but also improve the speed of solving problems.
In addition, students need to be aware of is that math is to take notes. Due to review the book knowledge was too detailed and in the second to third round of review in the future, there will be no time to system, and probably most of you already know. This requires you put the essence of the place and his bad exam often point to summarize in a notebook, so go when you can look at this book, it will save a lot of time and improve efficiency. And review the batch, you can always take out and note pad, the back side. The basics if it looks strange for some time, and when in doubt. So, you want to carry every day and put it on, just like the English word pamphlet, often to brush up on.
According to what is mentioned above we pointed out some of the specific points that need attention members ' attention.
Elementary function of elementary nature, limit exists of proposition form and the proposition property, limit operation law, a order linear differential equation solutions of formula, align times and non-align times linear differential equation solutions of structure, matrix of elementary transform and rank of concept, vector group of linear related and has nothing to do, vector group of rank and linear equations group solutions structure Zhijian of relationship, five a classical probability of basic formula, distribution rate, distribution density and distribution function of nature and mutual Zhijian of relationship, digital features of defined and basic operation formula, Simple random sample and its characteristics, and so on, are candidates to focus on mastering the basics.
Candidates review the best single stage math review, and other courses and specialized courses do not race against time. Also, note entitled focus on the basis of mathematics to study, not just buckle difficult strange questions.
The candidates according to their own level and learning characteristics and reasonable arrangement throughout the period, the daily review. Advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics it is best not to put together review, 3 courses, mathematics is the most important basis for knowledge of linear algebra, probability can be associated with high number of comprehensive questions, so review the high number, and review of linear algebra, then review of probability theory and mathematical statistics, the effect will be better.
Exam math does not need to do a lot of problems, questions to choose from based on the topic, to ensure comprehensive grasp of the basic mathematical knowledge, if a heavy challenge run, but will limit my thinking. Meanwhile, candidates must be graduate student papers in the past to do a careful study in order to better understand the proposition's direction, trends and important types of solution.
Candidates who participate in remedial classes, classes to prepare teachers for content before the first preview, so that classes can focus to get the point. Time not only to listen to the teacher in class some examples, must listen to the teacher summarize the problem-solving methods and techniques. After the end of one phase of the review, and around the candidates Exchange, problem-solving methods and techniques and learn from each other, and made a comprehensive summary.

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