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Dr training project will face the major science and technology in China

Today, the Ministry of science and technology project office and the Office of academic degree Committee of the State Council held in Beijing University-Enterprise docking. Reporter was informed at the meeting, Dr training project will face the major science and technology projects in China. This is the major projects of scientific research for building a stable forward-looking arrangement team, but also a new attempt to reform the graduate's cultivating pattern in China.
Major projects introduced Xu 倞, Director of the Office, to further build the enterprise-dominated system of industrial technology research and development, promoting the innovation of collaborative innovation, Project Office and the State Council degree to do numerous discussions and reached consensus. National major projects will integrate training into their daily management.
Office of academic degree Committee of the State Council, Deputy Director Sun Yegang introduces, in the past only in clinical medicine, dental and veterinary medicine with engineering and other areas.
According to preliminary statistics, the current state major science and technology projects currently has more than 80 professional has many needs. More than 140 companies will require a total of more than more than 800 engineering Dr.
Office of the State Council degree professional degree is one of the main tasks of this year, is a doctor of engineering degree an important breakthrough, promote the combination of degree-granting units and industries, degrees through the Office for the State major science and technology engineering and enterprise culture, exploring the combination school-enterprise cooperation and the new mode of training engineering technology leading talent.
At present, this initiative received the support of Ministry of finance and the Ministry of education, universities and enterprises will be to increase the intake of engineering capacity and national financial support.