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End of the joint university programmes admissions registration in Hong Kong of the Mainland since April Internet appointment interview

People March 31, according to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po reported that reminded Hong Kong Education Bureau has completed 63 universities "without examination to recruit Hong Kong students plan" register online, as well as live confirmation process over 4,200 students in Hong Kong from April 1 to 30th, log in the specified Web site booking interviews. Colleges and universities in the Mainland from May 5 to 6th interview conducted in Shenzhen, May announce the list of accepted in advance by mid-July later admitted to entering the formal stages on August 3 published before admission.
Has completed online registration and the site confirmed of applicants, must in above deadline within, Deng into People's Republic of China General College joint recruit overseas, and Hong Kong and Macao area and the Taiwan students Office Hong Kong exemption health admitted system-the-the www.ecogd.edu.CN, in "joint admissions" option bar select "Hong Kong exemption health admitted" a items, check out whether was by reported College invited interview, and Yu admitted system within completed appointment interview program. Candidates may before April 30 through the admissions system to modify the interview time.
Bureau reminded, the candidates to the interview, should bring along their identity cards and Hong Kong and Macao residents traveling to the Mainland passport, booking interview form print, identity and learning document (proof of award-winning, results), originals and photocopies, and other data required by the individual institutions.