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5 accept over more than 16,000 Zhejiang Dean of students ' management hotline

Zhejiang online • education, March 30 (Reporter: Zheng Jie) at Zhejiang University of technology, has opened a phone number for as long as five years, widely known. It handled by students, specifically on behalf of college leaders heard the opinions of students, allow students to participate in school management, service to our students. It is the school of computer science in the school of "890 Premier hotline."
"890 Dean hotline" was founded in September 2006, with "890, spirit" slogan, the spirit of "14 hour manned 24 hours per cent feedback" commitment to sincere service, handled more than 16,000 over the phone, get the attention and trust of more and more teachers, satisfaction is 100%.
"890 hotline, President" why are enduring? This is the hotline staff the results of their hard work, leadership, but the main reason is to meet the needs of students.
Solicit opinions extensively: students participate in College democratic management "890 Dean hotline" as an important part of College democratic management, leading an important channel of communication with students. Not only for College to more clearly and directly listening to student voices, and real needs of students ' ideological trend and allow students to participate in democratic management in the College, students participate in College teaching and research management development, educational reform and development, college students effective ways of working.
"Never thought a phone, let us become undergraduates", said Hotline's role in software engineering (3+2), Zhou Gongbin of graduates still feel very pleased. In September 2006, he reflected to 890 hope Academy to the soft Office upgraded policies, took him by surprise is that the reported issue 890, the Academy made a quick response, but also the specially-convened students talk in the school of leadership and "890 Dean hotline" under the joint efforts of students, the school agreed to Institute the province recruit junior software engineering (3+2) students. A telephone hotline to help a large number of students to further their studies.
Wang Wanliang, Dean of school of computer science, "says college decision-making needs to listen to the opinions of students, students can pass the hotlines reflect their needs."
For hotline feedback focuses on events, problems, "890 Dean hotline" has a mature set of processes. Stipulated: "890 Dean hotline" reflect the questions must be submitted in the first meeting of faculty discussion and decision-making. "As many class of 2010 online streaming of 890 reflects computer specialty questions and doubts," 890 Dean hotline "staff after an extensive inquiry, and the instructor Exchange discussions, the whole hospital neonatal research, survey, presentation college leaders and relevant departments of the school, eventually College will hold a professional streaming question answering, and addressed issues relating to professional segregation. In last Monday's Council meeting, the College spent nearly two hours discussing the leadership and implementation of "890 President line" reflects the student's requirements.
Student services brand: 14 hours a day hotline at 8 o'clock in the morning every day, whether it is wind and rain, winter sun, the hotline staff will get the duty room, answering calls, from participation in school management to day-to-day life, patiently explained that record. In five years, "890 Dean hotline" received a total of more than 16,000 calls, consulting questions about 53%, complaints, human rights problems about 27%, opinions, suggestions, problems about 11%, 890 specifically to serve the students and teachers.
November 3, 2010, student disputes to no avail to 890 complaints against the school laundry, after 890 staff mediation and reasonable solution, and eventually the two sides reached a consensus on the issue on May 24, 2011, students call the ask Medicare reimbursement on March 8, 2012, to more than 890 reflects the examination classroom problems. In the hearts of students and teachers, "890 Dean hotline" is the version of "the Mayor hotline 12345", "sister fan help hotline", "telephone 114" ... ... In five years, provincial and ministerial leaders, school leaders at all levels to visit many times inspection guidance hotline, Zhejiang daily, China, Zhejiang Department of education Web site and other media coverage of the hotline. In 2010, "Dean 890 hotline" culture of Zhejiang University was rated the top ten brand development projects. 890, becoming influential within the province, self management, self service brand.
Brand effects attributed to zero complaints and satisfaction 100% 890, and the mechanism is maintained "890 Dean hotline" source of continuous improvement. "890 Dean hotline" opened yilai, according to concentrated accepted, and antibody handle, and limited reported knot of principles, on different calls take directly replies, and submitted College led or related sector, and assist handle, way, do everything has results, and pieces pieces has echo: a is gradually sound 890 communications way, before and after established has phone 890, and everyone 890, and mail 890, and SMS 890, and online 890, and Red 890,; II is perfect 890 information reported mechanism, on phone content be directly replies, and limited replies , Emergency Office, transferred, instruction and help with six different types of responses; the third is improving 890 feedback mechanisms, issued weekly feedback to the teachers and students to date 124 times, bi-19 times, research it 16 times; four is to promote digital services, edit eBook software, collect all the information, updated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information.
Become hotline staff: student self training platform "890 Dean hotline" will not only build a bridge for students and the College of communication, but also for the students ' self-growth, promotion exercises broad platform.
In each year of College League organizations in recruiting, "890 Dean hotline" is one of the most popular departments, students scrambled to register to apply for hotline staff. Continuous inputs, cultivation of talents and emerging, is consistently effective development of the hotline's strong support. For each group of carefully selected staff, school leaders, teachers, counselors pre-job training provided to them in batches, including guiding ideology, work style, work style, etiquette, etc. Dean, Professor Wang Wanliang laughs: "for supplying many of the Senate, common sense, I am less than 890 staff."
Successive staff on "890 Dean hotline" emotionally, they readily came to participate in the Symposium. Now working in the organizational Department of the provincial party Committee's first Director Zhou Yuncong memories 890 jobs, say with gratitude: "job requires me to have a strong comprehensive ability, I increasingly feel importance of college age in the 890 valuable experiences, cultivate imagination and improve Executive ability, enhance confidence. "
Third head of Chen Ningchao walked with Honors College of computer science, Zhejiang University, she says, "890 I am mission critical, so let me forgive, to become the leading, and achieved good results. "In yet another hotline receive, journal production, research and feedback, social activities," 890 Dean hotline "work team professionalism, transporting groups of elite talents for society.