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Principal featured girls interview out of Tsinghua drop of real-name registered in the 65 minutes

30th, 2012 self-enrollment retest results of Tsinghua University, Huazhong normal high school senior (19) class schoolgirl Liu Lijuan, with its outstanding performance down 65 points at Tsinghua University advantage is given, such concessions is rare.
This year, independent recruitment of Tsinghua University was first introduced "the principal real-name recommendation", the province has 13 provincial high school can recommend 15 people, Liu Lijuan is one of them. In accordance with the provisions of the Tsinghua University, Liu Lijuan from participating in independent recruitment written test, only a comprehensive interview. Because of the excellent interview, Liu Lijuan in addition to drop 60 points of concessions, also won the Tsinghua plus 5 major concessions.
According to reports, Liu Lijuan was the class commissary in charge of, working committees on education, Wuhan has been "excellent League members" title, the several times awarded as the "outstanding student". In the eyes of the students, "she was outgoing, confident, very friendly"; she has been to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, participate in social practice, "well informed" on her in the interview room is comfortable.
It was also learned, remove the principal real-name recommendation, I save about 30 people by Tsinghua University independent admission re-examination, they may enjoy different college entrance exam score drop points offers.