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College students job cost at least thousands of standard "three piece suit"

Yesterday (30th), Wuhan's vocational college of Commerce and business management sophomore Bo, arrived at the Valley with my classmates, each acquired a more than 500 Yuan brand suit, spent two nearly a month's living expenses, this is their one intern for the upcoming job fair preparations.
And just like Bo, along with articles by State line came out, the new round of job-seekers peaks, many university graduates at the next "lost" purchase job equipment.
Cover comes standard with "three piece suit" at least thousands of Yuan from Shiyan Yun Bo was the Vice President of the school of Economics and the school, excellent. School teacher said, although Bo units should have no problem looking for an internship, but in order to to make a good impression during the job search process, he is from 700 a month's living expenses in the province money to purchase "job search equipment." "Class Shang many students are purchase has suit, Shang a session also has whole class buy of", Bo to reporter forget a pen account: according to job clothing of "standard", a brand suit at least to 500 Yuan, shoes 200 Yuan, shirt, and tie 200 Yuan, again plus do resume, roundtrip toll,, job cost minimum also have in thousand Yuan above, and this pen expenditure, most students are is from himself of living in the province out of.
Now works for a real estate company in Nanjing, Cai Jingjing, are 10 graduate business management major at the school, he told reporters that the girls, boys cover costs less, "some girls in order to create a good image, when job seekers also purchase cosmetics, the cost generally ranging from 200 Yuan to 800 Yuan".
Cover clothing store sells 160,000 more than two months since graduates willing to buy cover equipment, natural also smell opportunity, trade vocational college foreign language Institute in Wuhan 09 graduates Feng Zijuan is one of them.
In March 2009, Feng Zijuan Valley open to "new fan" cover costume rental shops, specifically for college students looking for a job rent or sell suits, ties, shoes and so on "employment equipment" as well as "customers" provide image design, career planning, interviewing skills and other aspects of "ancillary services".
3 years later, business is thriving in the shop, Feng Zijuan introduced "three piece suit" cover garments generally sell 300-800 Yuan, and a 24-hour rental, usually takes about 30 yuan. In this mode of operation, only for some time in mid-September to late November, the store's sales reached 160,000 yuan.
Feng Zijuan told reporters that now stores registered VIP members has reached more than 500 people, including Wuhan University, Huazhong University of science, China University of Geosciences, South Central University for nationalities, Wuhan Polytechnic University students.
Job seekers "soft power" spent thousands of Yuan to purchase more job seekers than the hardware equipment what is it worth? In this regard, the Hubei Teachers College, Xiao Wu, a junior in my opinion, in fact, this depends on the specific situation, "some sales jobs may pay more attention to image, and some technical positions may demand less in this regard". "Relative to buying cover clothing, I'd prefer to buy some books," Wuhan trade vocational college logistics professional junior constant thought, spend money on the cover appearance of little significance, "if I could use this money to learn some practical techniques are good for looking for a job should be more. "
In this regard, vocational college of Wuhan business employment office director Wang Hongbing says students buy cover equipment beyond reproach, but no source of economic graduates, buy them should be within our capabilities, "has a good image in the job search process is a fine thing, but eventually abilities and skills in the workplace."