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Overseas readers have access to the capital of digital library

Editor's Note: on March 12, the "capital Library Consortium" signed a contract in Beijing was founded, and promised to launch ten major waste management services. Readers call newspaper recently asked what new convenient services as well as related to the details of the operation. To this end, the reporter interviewed the "capital Library Consortium", Mr Deputy President, Ni Xiaojian, Director of the library in the capital, he read ten service measures to bring convenience to the people of Huimin.
"Capital Library Consortium" located in Beijing within the administrative area of the national library, the library of party school libraries, research institutes, universities, libraries, hospitals, army, school library and public libraries in Beijing, a total of more than 110 companies voluntarily initiated the establishment of the library. "Union" after the establishment of readers in the Union gradually to enjoy within the scope of coverage to include the books pass through-pass, free admission to university libraries, books, resource flows, and Exchange services.
Ni Xiaojian how the interpretation of each ten service measures will benefit the public and cultural life.
Measures: at the city's 63 library book source for the loan.
At present, the Beijing library and part of the street 63 libraries have been achieved through loan. This time, the "capital Library Consortium" was established, and the size of the loan and also expanded further. "Union" ideal is for every family to establish a public library to meet the learning needs of people.
Through loan and, when implemented, readers just make a reservation, you can in the nearest library 63 in any of the books in the library. If several people pass it around, when returning to the closest to the book holder the networks restitution.
Measure b at the National Library and the capital library readers card mutual authentication, to share licensing digital resources towards literature source for the loan.
In accordance with the agreement, State figure and first implementation will be the first between mutual recognition of card readers.
Readers figure or figure of any library readers card, two library loan. Future readers to holder of card readers, or public library network in Beijing combined with card readers are available in the libraries of both General and no longer need a separate card.
Public libraries in Beijing "one card" readers card reader can also log on "smart card" Web site (www.BJ-publib.NET.CN ) "my library", authorized the opening of the National Library's digital resources. Similarly, the national library card holders readers can log on Web site of the national library, the use of public libraries in Beijing "one card" network of digital resources.
Measures: University Library gradually realize the free and open society, through the handling of your application card reader sharing of library resources.
At present, some colleges and universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University have opened to the outside reader reading room, there are some around readers ' card for the school in University, but has some limitations.
Ni Xiaojian said that the College Library will open to the public, however, out of consideration for school safety and campus order, some colleges and universities for large ranges are open to the public but also there are certain concerns. For this reason, voluntary "Alliance" prepared through the creation of copies of books in university libraries, to provide digital resources, exhibitions as well as deal with a certain number of card readers and other 4 ways, and gradually opened its doors to the public.
Measures: opening of "capital Library Consortium" Web site, focus publishing Union information.
The current "capital library" website is under construction, will connect digital resources of all Union members after the opening, and provides the reader with information, communication and consulting services.
Five measures: networking between members of the League, achieving inter-library of licensed digital resources sharing.
Through the implementation of this measure, it may be easier for readers to enjoy more convenient information resource, can also give related needs of field or providing convenience to readers outside of the query and the learning channel. Such as the overseas Chinese, students can log on Union's website. Now public information no problem but read books, you also need to register to get a permission.
Measures six: lectures, exhibitions and other cultural services to Union members.
Will rely on the website as a platform, will be converted into digital information such as lectures, exhibitions, to achieve "a Museum Lecture Hall broadcast" to meet the learning needs of the public.
Measures: the Union members benefit from such mobile libraries, library services.
We currently have more than more than 20 mobile, books can be sent to the community, at the site, we will further standardize the later, time, and location based services. Mobile Library also increases the books between libraries and configuration work to be completed, in particular for smaller outlets to purchase and renew books.
Measures eight: Union members to annually host a book Exchange activities of the public.
May upset some library books to other libraries became popular, some love to the backlog of people there need to be eliminated. Annual Conference of the book Exchange, organized by dozens of libraries at the same time, allowing people in accordance with their own needs, reconfigure the library resources.
Measures: Union members put together, some copies of books established swap library, library can be selected in the swap library books, supplementary literature resources. Union select several members include cooperation with the publishing house, set up new books in the library display rack, allowing readers to offer to purchase books.
Publishers may cooperate with the library, established in the Museum offers Gallery, readers can read, and discount, really too.
Measure ten: established the first week of September every year as "capital of readers week." While Union members explained to the public library, computer search, library functions, knowledge of readers ' rights.
This is based on September 1 of each year is the school's start date, will be a lot of new students entered the school gate. Organize these activities for them, so that they can understand and learn to use the library, is significant. This opens a window of knowledge for them, make their life more fulfilling.
"The capital of readers week" through propaganda activities, let the public know the configuration and content library, telling people how to use library resources, to arouse people's enthusiasm for reading, allows everyone to enjoy the happiness of reading and gain.
After the interview, reporter to the reader's capacity to handle the "joint study" and experience the cards quicker and easier. Holders of this card in addition to the above "pass through-pass", but also by card number and password to login online digital library. Field or overseas readers need this card with the relatives and friends of Beijing, before using the digital library resources.