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China and Egypt scholar held Egypt seminar on Chinese teaching materials

Xinhuanet, Cairo, March 26 (reporters Li Lai and Fusada and and)-Egypt Cairo University Confucius Institute 26th Egypt compiling Chinese textbooks and seminars more than more than 50 Chinese and Egypt scholars on how to promote Egypt contribute to development of Chinese language teaching.
From a foreign language Institute of Beijing University Professor Zhang Jiamin said, in recent years, Egypt Chinese teaching developed rapidly, has formed a shape of teacher Echelon, localization of teaching is imperative, textbooks should be clear on textbooks system, structure and teaching methods of rational cognition, focusing on imparting knowledge and skills training, teaching and teaching cohesion in higher grades.
Ain Shams University, Tariq said, write Chinese textbooks to note that Egypt needs, adding tourism, trade and economic, legal and other aspects of material, increase information on culture, to make Egypt the students a better understanding of cultural differences.
Cairo University Confucius Institute Li Shengjun, President of the Chinese side said that Egypt teaching Chinese is still the lack of a scientific and systematic full localization of Chinese textbooks. To improve the quality of language teaching, and expand the scale of Chinese language teaching, there is an urgent need to prepare a suitable Egypt students ' Chinese teaching materials.
During the Forum, grouping discuss Sino-Egyptian scholar, involve listening and language, reading, writing, and translation and literary culture, from local circumstances combine, effectiveness of reading materials and classical aspects are discussed.
Participants included more than more than 20 in Egypt by the Confucius Institute at the University or Department of Chinese of Chinese teachers, from Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Harvey love funding University and Suez Canal University and Egypt science and Technology University in Egypt scholar. Egypt currently has 6 universities with Chinese major, undergraduate students studying Chinese has more than 2000 people