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Front officials: 12 basic education is the biggest issue not multiple values

Beijing, March 26, according to Taiwan, the United Evening News reported, Taiwan society to reform, 12 years of basic education has a lot of doubts, former Taiwan Education Department Director Kuo Wei-fan, think, head of the Education Department's term is too short, the loss rate is too high, causing unable to steadily promote the reform of education. 2014 will hit the road for 12 years of basic education, Education Department said Yang Chaoxiang, head, everybody tried to get star high school, 12-year basic education drive is a great resistance from the college entrance mechanism to cope with, have a chance of success.
Taiwan Academy of education today (26th) Education Forum, invite, Kuo Wei-fan, the Yang Chaoxiang, Tsun Wu from the four former "Minister of education" and look into the future development of education.
12 years of basic education enrollment than sequence and positioning of the star high school, parents and teachers have a lot of questions. Yang Chaoxiang think, 12 years basic education maximum of problem, is parents and teacher no established multiple value concept, Rob into star high school and star University of concept still deep plant heart, although appreciate Wang, and Agios Division (called Zheng Yanji, is Taiwan of well-known chef, and cooking program making people and the host), and Yani Tseng, people of performance, is refused to support himself of children to that article road go, technical vocational education in Taiwan into is "for others home design of education", himself of children still to studies.
12 years of basic education Planner Wu Ching said excess than the sequence is not a problem, read star high school or community high school isn't much different, parents have the right idea, as long as children grow, is the talent; as long as lifelong learning, you can win at the end. He said that the "Ministers" Zheng Ruicheng, current "Minister" Jiang Weining and himself, are not the stars of high school graduation, but are available for social responsibility.
JI said, 12 years of basic education is to enable students to diversity, reading the first volunteer students, was also able to go to College, parents stop using past experience to teach the children of the future. He also said that 70% supported by technical and vocational system in traditional industries, more than 1000 on a number of listed firms on the island, one-tenth is a beikeda alumni, Terry GOU, Shi was technical and vocational students, he warned parents not to let their children live in the greenhouse room.
How long will you have to advise parents, especially the "helicopter parent", do not use their past experience, to teach children how to cope with a future; contention against the education reform, he suggested that the platform of the Group of experts could be established, in-depth discussion and evaluation.
Kuo Wei-fan said that current education overemphasis on Civil Liberties, ignore the public obligations, he believes that "cultivation of sense of obligation" is the most important thing, it is recommended that educational policy development should not follow public opinion. He also "Minister of education" too short term concern that "Ministers" loss rates are too high, is bad for robust push reform.