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High school language learning and the importance of the guidance of learning method

The importance of language is the most important communication tool. Language subject is a door based subject, for students learn other subject, pair improve students right understanding using language text of level, makes they has adapted actual need of modern paper reading capacity, and writing capacity and oral communication capacity, has preliminary of literature appreciation capacity and reading classical of capacity; master language learning of basic method, habit self-study language of habits, training found, and inquiry, and solution problem of capacity, for continues to learning and lifelong development playing good based.
Why learn a language? I think there are at least five reasons:
First, language is the basis of other disciplines, is an essential tool for learning other subjects.
English is also the language disciplines, closely linked to nature and language. Politics, history, geography and also need the language. Even in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and Chinese seem to totally unrelated, in fact, if the language Foundation was too poor, it very hard to understand the formula theorem.
Second, the language is in a person's life without tools.
No matter what is your future job, oral and written language skills are essential. It will restrict the development of your career and life quality.
Third, because the college entrance examination to study languages.
Although we criticize "examination-oriented education", but since the entrance still exists, we cannot run away from it, whether you like it or not. The national college entrance examination in the programme there are many, but no matter what kind of programme, Chinese are the main subjects. Therefore, we not only have to learn, and you must learn it.
Finally, language learning can cultivate your sentiment.
"As rivers started strong, and calligraphy and gas from China! "Learning the language can improve your quality of life, and make you a noble man.
Finally, Chinese is a very interesting subject.
At first glance quite simple language as a discipline, as is their mother tongue, you just touch it. However, if you go into, you'll find, character, Word, sentence, text, language, repair, logo, text, there was a lot of fun waiting for you to explore.
The guidance of learning method in our lives, always and everywhere in a methodical, about the work of thinking, work, sports, daily life also methods. Learning is mind and hand, body and mind of this effort of complex activities and certainly should pay attention to the method. France physiologist Bernard once said: "good methods enable us to better use of talent, and botched it would hinder play. "The ancients have said such a thing:" the method twice, not the law less effective. "The great scientist Albert Einstein's famous formula, called w (success) =X (hard) +Y (right) +Z (not talk). Also stressed the importance of using the correct method here. UNESCO Commission for international development of the United Nations pointed out in the book written by learning to survive: the future of illiteracy, is no longer illiterate people, but people who do not study. Therefore, we should train themselves to become will utilize learning from an early age, to take the initiative to obtain the required knowledge, learn, good people. Instead of passively receiving knowledge-only "Bookworm", "learn by rote" person.
Often students this question: remember their scores is good, why is the basis of Chinese in high school suddenly feel bad? Handy to learn why other disciplines, language learning is getting confused? Exactly what learn Chinese? How to improve scores as soon as possible? Many students with such questions hard, and the effect of this is generally marginal, from the distress caused by heavy, sigh deeply again and again: to learn a language is really hard for me!
Objectively speaking, the language as a basic tool subject and want to learn is not easy. It system broad content voluminous, thaw thought, and knowledge and art for one, needed gradually training good of perception and accept capacity, and but as middle school stage of General learning, need of is solid of text, and language Foundation, good of reading habits and smooth of oral and written expression capacity, and up this purpose, and should said is not too difficult of, is has law can through of. Here, you first need to correct a known, namely language results depends on the language literacy enhancement, is a gradual, subtle process. The richness of language learning content, learning time of long-term decisions that it cannot happen overnight, so you can't get rich quick, of the examination in order, and should hit the real basic language and use it as a learnt skill to learn.
View of modern language education, reading and writing is the main symbol of a person's language proficiency. We should grasp the essence of these two points in the study. Reading is the main source language material, from primary school to high school was founded, planned to read some masterpieces, expanding their knowledge. Has a strong self-learning ability of high school students, according to the readings to develop their own study plans, on the era of classical and modern, on the genre of poetry and prose. On the country in China and foreign countries, focuses on reading to your liking. When you want to dabble in today's newspapers, magazines, and fine paper, care about news. Know Chinese textbooks alone is not enough, to read social and enlightenment to life. For the time being there are more things that need not be explained, can read and see more than understanding, God, can improve. Reading and reciting combines extensive accumulation of language materials. Link between reading and writing, the ancients said, "still not reading the ink" is very reasonable, and writing can enhance memory, finishing the thought, awareness-raising. Read extensive extracts words, epigrams, sayings and quotes, brilliant language, also be used plot summary: work analysis, appreciation, reading and so on. Real writing you don't have to complete the task, instead of writing. Your writing, often insist on, express their feelings and emotions.
Three books used in language learning. In addition to the language of the school and the teacher asked with the outside, we advocate the students also prepared three hands: knowledge, stories and essays. Knowledge is used to record the basic knowledge of the language and literature, can be used for in-class notes and personal finishing. After junior high, most of the knowledge of grammar and language have been included, but limited to the ability to understand, many of my classmates is scanty, fragmented. By high school, it is necessary to systematically, students may refer to the relevant explanations, glyphs, words, punctuation, syntax, rhetoric, a year to sum up, while the literary knowledge, writing, collect, build up their own framework of language knowledge. Note This is a very broad term, and is inclusive of language learning, no less. From the wonderful speech lines to fine articles, from the hand of history against civil slang terms to the literary genres, from literary tracing to thematic research, can make a lot of extracts copied at any time. This standing hand to adhere to, so that became an important language information accumulation. If the above is intended to draw, then writing of essay is used to create the garden. There is no teacher's task, some in episode one, feeling, the founding works of ancient and modern, the health spending. Good articles are often formed with a strong creative impulse after soundly text. Accumulation, more students, and more thoughtful, diligent in writing, good strokes in style.
Language learning is very crucial and constant. All five methods, fully mobilize the eyes, ears, mouth, hands, heart and senses, realization of listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking all kinds of functions. If the listening and reading both audiovisual is absorbing nutrients, are "into" the process of speaking and writing is a process and the process of generating, interpersonal communication is required. People in society can express, freely exchange ideas, contacts, fully collaborative, not Chinese the most fundamental goal? Have any "accomplishments" the problem cannot be solved? Want to give students for effort and information.