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The idiomatic English expression of living abroad (bilingual)

In foreign exchange will use some of the more general life of colloquial English, how to use real English talking with people outside students to study abroad is a vexing issue. Here are these living abroad and small series to take a look at the following commonly used idiomatic English expression.
  · Potluck Party: a meal, the owner prepare the venue and tableware, participating person must bring a dish or drinks, it is best to ask in advance.
  · Pull over! Drove to one side.
  · Drop me a line! Write a letter to me.
  · Give me a ring. = Call me! To call it!
  · For here or to go? Eat in or takeaway.
  ·cool; That's cool! Young people commonly used vernacular speech "cool! "That's just as well! For someone or something can be.
  · What's up? = What's happening? = What's new?
  Meet with the mouth when greeting "working on what days? What's new? "The general response was" Nothing much! " Or "Nothing new!"
  · Cut it out! = Knock it out! = Stop it! Come on this set! Facetious remarks between the students.
  · Don't give me a hard time! Don't mess with me, OK!
  · Get yourself together! Cheer up OK!
  · Do you have "the" time? Do you have the time? Don't mistakenly think that they ask you out.
  · Hang in there. = Don't give up. = Keep trying. Keep trying.
  · Give me a break ! You give me a break! (Joke) · Hang on. Please wait.
  · Blow it. = Screw up. Screwed up.
  · What a big hassle. Is a hassle.
  · What a crummy day. What a bad day.
  · Go for it. Cheer · You bet. = Of course. Of course watching me!
  · Wishful thinking. Wishful thinking.
  · Don't be so fussy! Don't be so picky is good or not.
  · It's a long story. It's a long story.
  · How have you been? = How are you doing? How you been? How have you been?
  · Take things for granted. Take things for granted.
  · Don't put on airs. Don't put on airs.
  · Give me a lift! = Give me a ride! Give me a ride!
  · Have a crush on someone. A crush on.
  · What's the catch? What's inside?
  · Party animal. Open Party people (who likes to dance).
  · Pain in the neck. =Pain in the ass. Nasty thing, person, or thing.
  · Skeleton in the closet. Family scandal · Don't get on my nerve! Don't make me pissed!
  · Afat chance. =A poor chance. A very small chance.
  · I am racking my brains. I am racking my brain.
  · She's a real drag. She really is a little cumbersome.
  · Spacingout.=daydreaming. Daydreaming.
  · I am so fed up. That does it!;!
  · It doesn't go with your dress. With your dress.
  · What's the point? = What are you trying to say? What do you focus on?
  · By all means.=Definitely. Yes, it will.
  · Let's get a bite. = Let's go eat. Go eat some fo