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Chinese difficult problem which English opening

Learning English is very important thing is to accurately express their ideas through Exchange, but usually people are afraid it will say wrong, shame, so speaking ability has been unable to improve, while the Chinese learn English hard to say there are some main reasons:
  First, some people learning to read English as standard. Get a spoken Chinese textbooks, turn over a few pages, read, think too simple, they don't fit. In fact, practice materials, certainly not beyond, or not practicing. Read does not equal would say, you've learned these things fluent expression, spoken Chinese textbooks the main target.
  Second, do not use Chinese characters to remember English pronunciation. Learn a foreign language if the pronunciation does not pass, was never really master a foreign language, and the greatest harm is not conducive to foster interest in foreign language, affecting the next. Now mark English pronunciation in Chinese, such as "Goodbye" as "worship", even as results published this, so make sure recipe for disaster.
  Dare the 3rd is afraid of grammatical mistakes. No specific issues, generally do not read grammar books. Slowly in the process of learning to find their own way to learn and advance learning grammar, will make you drop like a fog, lost learning a foreign language fun and co