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High school English composition commonly used sentence structures

, According to the convergence itself plays a role in the article, is divided into the following four categories, namely, "", "", "turn", "close".
  (A) "up" words/phrases: for opening leads to extended sentences.
  At first initial for one thing ... (For another) at present now; today's first ... (Second) ... currently present and finally recently recent first (LY) generally speaking in the beginning first in General at first, one the one hand ... (On the other hand) to begin with, first the 11th ... (On the) first of all first; first generally speaking generally in the first place of the first; the first total up lately on the whole recently to start with first; first presently now now now now (b) the "carry on" common words: continued from the preceding paragraph.
  After/after that/afterwards by this time after a few days a few days later certainly no doubt; of course after a while after a while therefore the result also/too and; for example, for example at the same time for instance such as beside in addition for This purpose for this Besides/what,s more; also from now on in addition in addition second second; 2nd in addition to ... In addition to ... Secondly outside the second in fact in fact, similarly as in other words in other words so in particular special (to) in the same way as such still soon soon by the way by the way then and indeed third third 3rd Meanwhile Meanwhile thirdly third Moreover And, in addition for another then no doubt doubt such as obviously as later later, of course, of course, truly in fact obviously; unlike a true particularly special ... Not like ... ... And ... ... What is more and different; in addition (c) the "transfer" of common words used to indicate different or opposing views.
  After all, after all, fortunately blessed all the same, even so however, however; in any case anyway however in spite of ... ... Although ... ... at the same time at the same time but luckily but fortunately by this time though/although although no doubt in/by contrast contrast on the contrary no doubt instead even though unfortunately, even if otherwise it still unfortunately still in fact in fact Unlike unlike ... ... And ... ... As a matter of fact the truth yet still different; however, but especially in particular (d) the "competent" common words: brief summary above or close to the content of this paragraph.
  Above is accordingly as a result of all the most important results in sum anyway, in short as has been noted as mentioned briefly in summary say that as I have said, as I mentioned on the whole in General; a whole at last the final therefore so by and large in General thus briefly brief To speak frankly and frankly so to sum up in a Word by doing so eventually surely no doubt finally last to conclude in summary in brief in brief no doubt there is no doubt that in conclusion all in all, undoubtedly in short in short no doubt truly does in a last word anyway so So, certainly, of course; obviously all in all no doubt Word II, according to the convergence word meaning and logical meaning of articles connected with the need, can be divided into the following 14 categories.
  (A) represent a causal relationship as a resultHe never studied hard, and as a result he failed in the last examination.
  as a result ofHe is late for work as a result of traffic accident.
  accordinglyHe wanted to buy a radio for study English, and accordingly her mother bought it for him.
  because(of)We are delayed because of a traffic jam.
  due toHis success is due to his excellent work.
  owing toOwing to his absence, our meeting is not held.
  thanks toThanks to a good teacher, she passed the examination.
  now thatNow that you have grown up, you must earn for yourself.
  so long asYou could realize your dream so long as you try it again and again.
  sinceSince you are here now, you,d better give a hand.
  in thatThe policy is harmful in that it may encourage people to give up.
  so thatThe office speaks at the top of his voice so that every soldier could hear him.
  thereforeThere is a calculating mistakes there, therefore, the answer is wrong.
  (B) interpretation as a matter of factI will go there this morning, as a matter of fact, I am only 10 minutes, drive from you.
  as wellI will go there. My friend will go with me as well.
  frankly speakingFrankly speaking, I am not very satisfactory with your words.
  in this caseIn this case, I will go there as soon as possible.
  (C) the reasoning or elseHurry up, or else you,ll be late.
  otherwiseYou must carry this passport, otherwise you will be stopped by the guard.
  if soIf so, it will make a great difference.
  (D) the progressive in additionI need your help. In addition, I also need her support.
  besidesFirst, we must work hard. Besides, we must work with a creative mind.
  and moreoverThe hat is the right size for you, and moreover, it goes well with your skin.
  that is to sayThe stock price is declining, that is to say, I am losing money.
  in other wordsI am not hungry, in other words, I really dislike the food in this canteen.
  equally importantYou should read more news from newspapers, and equally important, keep an eye on the news from the radio.
  what,s moreIt is harmful to my health, and what,s more, it is no good to my work.
  last but not leastLast but bot least, my thanks should go to every member of my class.
  (E) comparison equallyAs a teacher, I should teach well, but equally, I should study well.
  in the same wayIt is such a coincidence that we figure it out in the same way.
  in contrast toIn contrast to your belief, I quite disagree with you.
  insteadIf you don't go, I,ll go instead.
  on the contraryYou thought I like it. On the contrary, I dislike it.
  in contrastIt is hot in the daytime, but in contrast it,s very cold at night.
  whileWe are happy in China, while most Africans live unhappily.