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Talk about how to learn physics?

Compared with physics, physics, more is more difficult, more and more flexible. So uncomfortable after many students enter high school, high school, force, the movement of objects, there is no problem, feel so much for high school physics. Learn Newton's laws of motion problems began here, behind the curve movement, gravity, momentum and mechanical energy problems is growing. If not change the attitudes and learning methods, physics will be increasingly bad, feel a headache refer to physical, grew tired of physics, and physical isolation. This is well brought junior high school physics students, cannot quickly adapt to high school was difficult, the following observations and suggestions on the how to learn physics.
  Firstly, to change attitudes, good junior, high school physics is not necessarily better. Junior high school physics knowledge is relatively simple, and not much easier to grasp. Plus three days later, by a lot of practice, through repeated training, improves proficiency, physical performance has greatly improved. But high scores is not the same as physics, physics. If the interest in learning physics is not developed, coupled with no good way to learn, that's too hard to learn physics. So, first of all should change concepts, good physics in junior middle school, high school physics is not necessarily better. So the starting point should be lowered, to start from scratch. Second, should develop keen interest in learning physics.
  Interest is thought one of the reasons, interest was intense and lasting motivation, interest is the potential power of learning physics. Cultivating interest in many ways, from the students ' perspective: it should be noted that physical closely linked to daily life, production, modern technologies, are closely related. In we of side has many of physical phenomenon, with to has many of physical knowledge, as: talk Shi, vocal vibration in air in the formed Sonic, Sonic to ear, caused tympanic membrane vibration, produced hearing; drink water Shi, and drink beverage Shi, and pen sucking ink Shi, atmospheric pressure help has busy; walk Shi, feet and ground between of static friction help has busy, walking process in the is by a dumping action coherent and into; rice Shi removed meters in the of debris, using has buoyancy knowledge; a root straight of chopsticks oblique insert water in the, Looks bent of chopsticks on the water; lightning formation, and so on. Consciously linked to physics in practice, to apply physics to practical, makes clear: the original physical contact us so close, so useful. Can greatly stimulate the interest of studying physics. From teacher angle: should through vivid of students familiar of actual case, and image of intuitive experiment, organization students for experiment operation, introduced physical concept, and law, makes students feel to physical and daily is closely related to; combined textbook content, to students introduced physical history and progress situation and in modern construction in the of widely application, makes students see physical of use, clear today of learning is to tomorrow of application; according to textbook content, often has select to to students introduced some image vivid of physical allusions, and Anecdotes and foreign physicists exploring the mysteries of the physical world; according to need and the level of intellectual development of the students to make some interesting thoughts on sexual issues, and so on. Teachers from these efforts, can also make students passive interest in physics, students of physical passion.
  Third, in the classroom, improve the efficiency of lectures is the key. During the study time is important in the classroom. Therefore the efficiency in class how to, determine the basic conditions of learning, improve the efficiency of lectures should pay attention to the following aspects:
  1, the procedure can improve the targeted class.
  Difficulty found in the preview, is the focus of lectures; the preview in the met did not have a good knowledge of the old, can be filled, understand new knowledge to reduce blindness and passiveness in the listening process, helps to improve class efficiency. After previewing your understanding of knowledge and the teacher explained to compare, analyze, improve their level of thinking, preview can also develop their self-learning ability.
  2, the listening process to concentrate, concentrate, cannot wander. Focus is dedicate classroom learning, ears, eyes, mouth, hands, and heart. If we can do that, "five", the energy will be highly concentrated, classroom learn all the important content will be impressed in his mind. To ensure that classes can be absorbed in the process, don't wander. Class must be taken during the 10-minute break should not do too much sports or debate or reading or doing homework, and so on, so as notto panting after the clouds, not calm, even brain hibernation. So before class material preparation and spiritual preparation.
  3, paying particular attention to the teacher at the beginning and the end.
  The teacher begins class before the General pointed out that the main points of this lesson to talk about content, is to link old and new knowledge link, end is often the sum of knowledge addressed to the class, with a high degree of generality, it is understood on the basis of mastering knowledge platform for this section.
  4, take notes.
  Notes are not recorded, but the focus of these lectures, such as brief records, note carefully the points of views as well as their own feelings or creative thinking. So that review, Digest.
  5, to carefully scrutinize and understand physical situations, physical processes, analytical thinking and problem-solving oriented approach, stick to it, we will be able to judge and improve migration knowledge and problem-solving skills.
  Four, review and summarize the work.
  1, do a review in a timely manner. After school that day, must be prepared to review the same day. Effective way to review not just read books and notes over and over, whereas the best memories review: first notes together memory books, teacher said in class, such as analytical thinking, methods and so on (or while thinking on the draft to write about) trying to complete. Then open your books and notebooks, in comparison with what other didn't remember, to fill it up, making classes the same day to consolidate, and check the effect of the day's attendance, but also for improving listening methods and improve the effect of class make the necessary improvement measures. Chapter 2, do review. Learning should be carried out after the stage review, review methods, like timely review, memory review, then compared with books, notes, make it perfect, and should complete the section General section.
  3, do a chapter summary. Chapter summary should include the following sections. This chapter of the knowledge network. Main contents of theorems and laws and formulas, problem-solving the basic ideas and methods, by routine typical questions, physical models, and so on. Self: a chapter, typical problem should be recorded for your wrongdoing, analyse the causes and the correct answer should be recorded in this chapter that most valuable ideas or examples, and there are still unresolved problems, in order to be filled in the future.
  4, do a full review.
  In order to prevent the knowledge previously forgotten, every once in a while, preferably not more than ten days, all knowledge that previous review a review, by reading books, notes, questions, reflections, and so on.
  V, correct handling exercises.
  Many hopes on physical performance on large questions, tihaizhanshu. This is not appropriate, "don't question how many heroes to do" important is not the problem, but the problem, aims to achieve higher benefits. With the knowledge that doing exercise is aimed at checking, methods are mastered very well. If you have no grasp or biased, then more questions results, instead of consolidating your imperfections, therefore, in order to accurately grasp the basic knowledge and methods on the basis of doing a certain amount of practice is required. And for mid-range problem, Wang its to about do problem of benefits, that do problem Hou has more big harvest, this on need in do problem Hou for must of "reflection", thinking about beside the by with of based knowledge, main for of knowledge points, selection which physical law, whether also has other solution, beside the of analysis method and solution, in solutions other problem Shi, whether also with to had, put they contact up, you on will get more of experience and lessons, more important of is habit at thinking of good habits, this will greatly conducive to you future of learning. Of course no certain amount (amount of homework assigned by the teacher) skills practice cannot form, is not acceptable. In addition, whether it be homework or tests, accuracy should be in the first place, way in the first place, rather than go for speed is also an important aspect of learning physics.
  Six. Also pay attention to the observations and experiments.
  Physical knowledge comes from practice, especially those from observation and experiment. Careful observation of physical phenomena, the analysis of physical conditions and causes of the phenomenon. Physics students ' experiments to do, learn to use the instruments and processing the data, understand the basic methods of experimental research. Through observation and experiment, ability to consciously improve your powers of observation and experiment. In short, as long as we are open-minded, motivated, serious practical, in the understanding of knowledge efforts, to think, research, scientific approach to learning, more life, production, and application of knowledge, must be able to learn ph