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12.2 scientific inquiry: material specific heat capacity

ยง 12.2 Science inquiry: material specific heat capacity    new class (a) knowledge and skills 1, understand the concept of specific heat capacity, knowing that specific heat is a property of matter 2, try to use heat to explain simple natural phenomena 3, to simple calorie calculations according to the specific heat capacity (b) process and method of trapping ability through inquiry comparing different materials (c) emotion, Attitude and values using inquiry sex learning activities training students himself moving brain trying to solution problem of capacity than heat capacity of concept and heat of calculation specific heat capacity concept of understanding key discussion, and inquiry experiment, and taught discussion experiment equipment has: electric heater two a, and water, and kerosene, and thermometer, and watches a, and import new class guide observation projection: water cooling car engine pictures teachers guide: car engine work Shi, temperature increased, need water to cooling. Here why not use other liquids with water? Organizing student discussion, must have a value of guess. Inspiration: could it be because the water absorbing ability? Leads to the topic, and writing on the Blackboard. Display learning objectives.
B what factors observed to boil water, water absorption and projecting pictures, ask questions: water absorption associated with what? say guess and say guess based on life experiences ... Students are encouraged to bold conjecture, positive statements. (1) the quality of the water. Guess of reason: burn open a pot water than burn open half pot water heating time long, endothermic more (2) heating Hou of temperature (3) increased of temperature organization discussion (2), and (3) guess which more reasonable, said reason: will a pot water burn open than firing half open endothermic more, will a pot cold water burn open than will warm water burn open endothermic more. In order to more accurately decide to experiment with students to design experiments: selection of laboratory equipment, measuring physical quantities, recording the data, how to analyze data and experimental procedure. Group experiment, teachers patrol Guide, certainly merits, correct the error. Projections show representative data set, organized the students to discuss how to draw valid conclusions. Certain quality of water, increase the same temperature (temperature can vary, end temperature can vary), absorption of heat is the same.
Third, the specific heat capacity (a) experimental inquiry: (1), and ask questions: the showcase piece of copper and aluminum block, ask: if they are the same quality, increased the same temperature, heat absorbed the two are the same. How this research, summarized by the students. (2), experimental design and program development discussions: which compare two substances are heated, heated fluids or solid well; how to control the variables measuring physical quantities and with what equipment.
Scenario one: the same quality of different substances, increases the same temperature, absorb heat differently.
Scenario two: the same quality of different substances, absorbs the same amount of heat, warmer temperatures are different. (3) experiments and collect evidence in accordance with the design group, the Panel members, pay attention to practice. Form on the design records to record accurately the data. (4) data analysis method and demonstration material compared to learn to analyze the data, explore the conclusions, the first group to exchange views, and teachers and students communicate, finalizing the conclusion. (5) the assessment of exchange gains and losses of the experiment, whether or not the operation specifications, experimental error causes conclusion is appropriate, description is accurate, and so on.
(B) specific heat experiments knows, different material heat capacity, how to describe the different needs-physical quantity-specific heat capacity. Guide, the concept of specific heat capacities are given different material quality is the same: raise the temperature the same per unit mass:
1, concepts: material temperature 1 c per unit mass to absorb heat. (Blackboard). Learning units, emphasize writing.
2, the observation of specific heat capacity table, understanding common specific heat capacity. Learned read table, guide students looking for law, let students said himself of found: (1) specific heat capacity is material of characteristics, different material specific heat capacity General different (2) same material State not while specific heat capacity different (3) liquid of specific heat capacity General than solid of specific heat capacity big and so on (three) specific heat of application let students thinking Exchange (1) winter, heating pipeline in the with hot heating (2) desert area day and night temperature big, why?

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