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CPPCC members to talk about promoting fair education to improve the quality of education

The "topic description"
Education program to promote equity and improving quality are the two key tasks of educational reform and development this year. Education fairness and equal opportunity, and effectively safeguard the people's right to education, focusing on promoting the balanced development of compulsory education, the layout optimization. Improve the overall quality of education related to upgrade their talent level, set up to improve the quality as the core concept of education development, educational content development, and improving the quality of education should strive for effectiveness.
"Introduction to Member guests"
Delivered by Zhong Bing-members of the education sector, Beijing Normal University, the academic degree Committee of the State Council Member, Vice Chairman of the China Education Association for international exchange. In 2010 and 2011 respectively, to participate in cultural, health and sports of the CPPCC National Committee "the balanced development of compulsory education", "problems and countermeasures in the development of private education" thematic research.
Zhang ping, the CPPCC National Committee, Member of the NLD Vice Chairman, Shanxi province Vice-Governor, Vice Chairman of China writers ' Association. 2011 plenary session of the CPPCC meeting as "of urban and rural education and promoting education fairness" to address the General Assembly.
Members of the Communist Youth League Xi Jieying, Director of the China Youth and children Research Center, researchers, the "hope project" one of the founders. In 2010, the CPPCC National Committee "to promote balanced development of compulsory education" members visited.
Li Heping members of the education community, Deputy Director of the DPP Central Committee, China Association for Anhui Provincial Committee, Vice Chairman of Anhui CPPCC Standing Committee, Deputy Director of the Anhui provincial Department of education. In 2011, DPP Central "on improving the policy environment of private education" survey.
Liu Changming Zanu-PF Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing, the principal.
Zhao Lihong for promoting democracy Central Committee, Member of the National Committee of the Chinese writers ' Association, President of Shanghai literary magazine. 2011 four meetings in the plenary session of the CPPCC submitted to the education of the children of migrant workers, so that the "second generation" real education proposals of the fair.