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High school language courses in three "reading and appreciation of" the entire book description

In Qian two book of based Shang, having textbooks continues to implement "keep tech new" of prepared principles, building stereo of of language learning system, established "reading appreciation" "expression Exchange" "Combs inquiry" "classics Guide" four a plate, from "knowledge and capacity" "process and method" "emotional attitude and values" three a dimension degrees, further improve students of language literacy, makes they has strong of language application capacity and must of aesthetic, and inquiry capacity, for its lifelong learning and personalized development lay based.
Compared with the previous two books, stationery and textbooks for the following features:
One is the emphasis on the aesthetic education.
Language has an important function of aesthetic education, aesthetic education contributes to the promotion of human cognition, emotion, overall development. Enjoy good literature, so that students will be nurtured and infection, cultivate noble aesthetic consciousness and aesthetic taste. First unit featured a four-story, is a model of ancient and modern works, respectively, representing different styles and different aesthetic taste. Represent the highest achievements of Chinese ancient poetry of Tang poetry, the second unit selected Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi and Li Shangyin's poetry, are representative works of nearly 50,000 poems in Tang dynasty, Han Yong chew for thousands of years, as Millennium wines has been intoxicated. Third unit focuses on arousing students ' comprehension of thinking, but debate in ancient prose has a rigorous argument, wonderful metaphor, xiongjun momentum, make longitudinal tones, told for thousands of years long, still chant can still let a soul-stirring. Unit focusing on works of popular science. This kind of work is noted for its rigorous, but does not exclude the aesthetic pursuit in this paper, the frontiers of the universe, which portrays the vastness of the bright universe, a physicist in the educational process of the author's whim, and at the same time bring us endless reverie, scientific world also makes us feel beautiful.
Second, focusing on exploring ability training.
"Combing inquiry" plate of three major research projects by students from having to say: "reading and appreciation" section particularly stresses "process and method" to cultivate students ' exploring ability, which is mainly reflected in the "study and practice". Such as the blessing of the fourth problem, students are required to take the screenplay and the original for comparison, this is another way, guide the students to explore the fate of xianglin. The third question of the I in the country also, guide the students to look at the thoughts and feelings of the ancients to modern concept, absorbing the essence of them and dialectical analysis of sustainable development of modern concepts and ideas of Mencius is different. The design of this type of problem, reflecting the Editor's guide students starting from the text, communication in and out of class, out to explore the idea.
Chinese curriculum standard in senior middle schools pointed out that "high school language courses should follow the principle of unity of common ground and various, featured content, changing learning, enabling all students to acquire the necessary language literacy and must take into account the students ' original base, self development and learning needs, differences, arousing students ' interest and potential, enhance the selectivity of course." From the content of the text, some relatively simple text content, the structure is relatively clear, reflects the General characteristics of certain articles. These articles can meet the needs of most students obtain the necessary language literacy. Such as the fourth unit of the mystery of animal games article, clear structure, is more or less set out at the beginning, intermediate analysis, final summary. This is a common structure of popular science works, students can be imitated in writing. And some of the text is much more complex, characteristic to show diversity in style.
According to four plates in the order below, tell us about the main contents of the fourth section of the book, "readings", complete book Introduction to uniform, will not go into here.
"The reading and appreciation of"
Book four units of notebooks, genre fiction, poetry, respectively (Tang dynasty), expository essays, science of ancient literary works. Of these, the first two units focused on "taste and connoisseurship", the third unit focuses on "thinking and understanding", the fourth unit focuses on "communication and application".
Unit one appreciate: the Lin Jia, the blessing of the old man and the sea. Relative to the Junior's novels, this Commentary-fiction: plot and structure is more complex, reflecting the social life is relatively wider, and varied in style. Lin Daiyu into Jia House excerpt since dream, for the book prelude one of, through Lin Daiyu of saw, on Jia House this feudal big family do has specific of introduced, characters description, and environment description are reflected has China ancient novel of art features; blessing is Lu Xun of representative, concern of is one lower rural women Cheung forest sister-in-law trauma scarred and and numb dull of heart world, consistent to reflected has Lu Xun concern farmers fate, and against feudal oppression of theme, representative has China modern novel of art achievements; The old man and the sea is Nobel Prize winner United States writer Ernest Hemingway's masterpiece, successfully created a "tough guy" image. Stories full of symbolic meaning in the work, simple and elegant style, vivid mentality best Hemingway's mastery of narrative art.
Novels in the traditional sense is a means of narrative story and characterization to reflect the literary social life styles. Detailed characterization and complete complex plot, full description of environment constitute the three elements of the novel, appreciate the Lin Jia, the blessing of the old man and the sea, you can analyze these three elements to grasp the main thrust of the novel. And the number of image analysis is focused on the characters, characters are shaped by three novels are successful, like Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu, Wang Xifeng, xianglin, San Diego, all life, while learning from characters, psychological, demeanor, actions to take.
In addition, the units mentioned in the prompt is another highlight language, including personalized character tastes of the author's narrative language. Which analyze characters can be dealt with, which you need to take out separate analyses. Lin Jia, the blessing of the two narrative language is relatively objective, most of what we usually see in the novel is of this style.
Second unit to enjoy seven poem, the author is Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi and Li Shangyin. Li and du are poets of the Tang dynasty's brightest two stars, Li Bai's poetry is rich, strange, style hyperbole, rhythmic flow, from Du Fu's poems of gloomy setback, beautiful music, the idea of magic, the difficult roads of Shu and Qiu XING Yong old trail, Ascend, represent the highest achievements of their poetry. Bai is the most famous poet of Tang dynasty, and his combination of narrative and lyrical of the pipa, lines saturated with deep emotion. Li Shangyin was a poet of the late Tang dynasty, and in political life survival in the crevice, depression frustrated inside, makes him more in poetry to express personal emotion, of the bloom of the Mawei reflect this distinction.
These works, need to pay attention to two aspects:
Is to guide students into the poetry scene.
Poetry longer than the lyrical, concise words, imaginative leaps of structure, full of rhythm and beat of the music, which makes it easier to express or implicit or direct emotion. Selected poems of this module, emotional expression is restrained, it is necessary for us to enter the poet described the situation to understand in detail. Guide students into situation, first to grasp read and reciting, but to note read poems to has read poems of way, speed Xu urgent, and Cadence to and poetry of emotional style and form suitable distribution, like read Shu Road difficult to high heated, read pipa line to elegance sad money, specific to each sentence, also has different of read method, in teachers teaching with book in the has has tips, here no longer repeat. Secondly, imagination and Association to play, not only depict the poetry scene, restored into a picture in my head, and put ourselves in the poet's mental state and psychological characteristics in this situation.
Second, respect the diversity of student understanding.
The ancients said: poem no over interpretation. Poet's emotions are often hidden behind a realistic or imagined, there are many "months is Dim, bird Dim" elusive. Therefore, different people may be different for the same poem feeling, different experience, this is normal. Selected as the unit of the zither, and opinions for thousands of years, today, has a wealth of multiplicity in itself, would have a reasonable component, let us not black and white and must not be a statue, to teach students a standard answer, but deny there may be good reasons for a personalized experience. Other poems, such as the Shu Kingdom, such as the Ode to the old track of poetry are more certain, but is not without differences in understanding.
Unit study ancient expository essays.
There are two schools in pre-Qin Chinese ancient prose: historical essays and proses. Former narrative-oriented, more argumentative essay. Selected in this unit in the country, the education of the I belong to the scholars ' essays, which belongs to a dialogue of the apology, sharp language, stepping forward, the momentum of pressing, the latter for the lengthy extracts from the papers, and sentence order, use a variety of metaphors. The Western Han period, Jia Yi inherited the fine traditions of the pre-Qin philosophers, summarize the lesson of the fall of the Qin dynasty, wrote a famous treatise on Qin. Throughout this article, the cross, the momentum of energetic, eloquent. By the Tang dynasty, Han Yu advocated "movement", inherited the ancient tradition of popular language express one's thoughts and feelings of the people, maintain that articles should be "statement", stressing that "clear and idiomatic", "Word will own" embodied in the said article, the author of the artistic pursuit.
This unit, on the basis of reciting aloud first, understanding and accumulated common classical words, syntax and common knowledge to build read simple classical sense. Secondly, we should learn from the article methods of argument, argumentation, its strict and detailed argument.
Unit study science popular science article.
The mystery of the animal game is a review of scientific and technological small thesis, structured language than the image, but it is an objective description, rarely personalized language. The frontiers of the universe is a commentary, "our journey exploring the universe" throughout the text, detailing the composition of the universe, there is talk about emotional expression, the author attempts to, like a heart-to-heart talk with friends, warm and natural. Last one in the education process of a physicist is an autobiographical essay, the author tells the story of two childhood fun in contact with science.
Learning unit, first pay attention to the training of students ' scientific spirit, arouse their interest in exploring the unknown world. Scientific literature and language precise, accurate, measured, on issues related to science, in no uncertain terms, many sentences in the passage in this unit reflects this, it embodies the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts. Addition, front mentioned animal game of mystery of structure, may most teacher put this a structure Blackboard in Blackboard Shang on finished, if we again in-depth thinking about, we on will found, technology small papers is general are used such of structure, actually is because this meet science found of general thinking process: by phenomenon to nature, by found problem, analysis problem, last solution problem. Obviously, learning science articles reflects the spirit of science and the scientific method, sometimes not be virtual head BA brain matter, can implement.
Secondly, the individual texts relatively easy, such as the frontiers of the universe involved lots of knowledge and terminology, complex, the best students in the class and gather relevant information and lists the contents of the chart text.
"Comb research"
Stationery and textbooks designed three activities: communicative language use, personalized interpretation of literary work, language learning self-assessment. Latter activities can be launched under this class actually modify or redesign of questionnaires and tests in the class, or according to the questionnaire hold class meetings, exchange learning experiences on the way. This can enable students to understand their own learning style strengths and problems, easy spirit or rectified in the future study. Language teacher, is also a good opportunity for students. The previous two activities let students according to their interests and hobbies, to do either, the best arrangement from the start of the term. Note:
"The language used in communication", would students have many examples, but don't cite language, be sure to guide student analysis, found that the cultural or socio-psychological factors behind. In addition, both appellations and taboo and euphemism, is a very large set of lexical classes, set the topic not so large, space, best guide students studied from the start with a small incision.
"Personalized interpretation of literary work", this section highlights the personalized interpretation of rationality, emphasizing respect for recreation of the readers, but don't let its generalization, and interpretation of any works that are wild and unfocused. Any interpretation should start from the text, in line with the text of the actual, in doing this activity must guide the students to take advantage of this.