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"Listening" into the classroom

Every time I listen to Chinese open class, I would encounter such a scenario: classroom, teacher spirited, eloquent, ancient and modern, through the future. Is the performance of "blow out", a lesson, can be described as remarkable, brilliant. Class is over, coaching on the teacher's face filled with "finally free" happy!
  This class, became teachers stage, became a teacher of students performing background. Teacher waving flags in front of chanting directed, student told the teacher what behind the flag. Teachers can't stop listening to the students in the learning process of the doubts, he is afraid of addressing these doubts will disrupt your own presets. Teachers don't want to listen to the needs of students, he needs to be the best performance effects---self self indoor melodrama by the teacher. This class, the teacher shows his understanding of the text, in pursuit of smooth complete instructional design, is often obtained the recognition and praise of the participants. This class, I find it impossible to get popular with students from the heart.
  Had listening to had school one teacher coaching of Lop Nur, dies of fairy Lake a paper, class a began, the teacher please students on subject for questions, then let students with problem reading text, and "learn your has suspected, small suspected is small into, big suspected is big into" of old reminded students are to side reading side thinking, to found more of problem. Questions raised by the representatives of the group if it is "little doubt" the teachers to ask the other students to answer if it is a "big doubt", ask the student to write it on the Blackboard, so that the whole class discussion. Finally, the teacher asked the students to talk about feeling after reading this article in one sentence. The whole lesson starting from listening to students ' questions, and to address the questions of students as the core, finally, listening to students ' feelings as the end, can't see the presets box, see the teacher's performance, there are only between teachers and students listen to, students listen. To listen let the hearts of teachers and students has always been a hyperactive State; listen to continuous collision is a teaching process, discussion, continuous process of generating new meanings. To listen is this lesson throughout the main line, is mutual guidance between teachers and students, and constantly push forward the teaching power.
  Sometimes listening in the classroom, and also make my own takes effect. Once, when I teach the touch spring article, and encountered a puzzling question: how could a blind girl catches a butterfly? I asked several colleagues around, they said without thinking, perhaps a blind cat ran into a dead mouse, nothing strange. When I put the question tossed to the students in the classroom when students read the text, Bork, to express their views. I listen only to find, blind to touch flower girl smelling when accidentally caught a butterfly, butterfly did not fly away, because the flower is too sweet, butterfly intoxicated. It is a wonderful discovery, what a really touch it.
  "Teachers should take students as intended, instead of means". As a language teacher, should be ready to show desire to make "listen" came into our cl