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Teacher student "cooperation" writing paper

I gave the students a topic: "life will inevitably encounter difficulties. What difficulties did you encounter? Is how to deal with it? What lessons learned? "After class, all the students all handed in their homework, but Ren Xiang didn't. Asked him what happened, he said there is nothing to write, and did not feel any difficulty.
  After class, I Ren Xiang came to the Office and let him look at the students to write essays, in the hope that he is inspired. Turning over, Cheung said: "I remember, when I was at primary school, my classmates and I went swimming in the pond and nearly drowned. "" Well, today for text home to write about it. "The next day, Ren Xiang to the Office text. Alas, wrote on the composition of the six lines, to 200 words and narrative is not very clear, do not understand. I looked at him quizzically: do? Couldn't let the teacher helped him write it? Suddenly, I had an idea, and said to him: "well, the two of us together to write this essay, what do you think? "Ren Xiang looked at me in surprise:" what? " "
  Me: "we first arranged the structure. "Take out a blank sheet, I wrote in the paper: beginning writing time, place, character; write a few friends talking to embody the cause of guys go swimming; swim through, drowning, drowned the psychological activity and finally how to escape; danger after feel.
  Started writing, CHEUNG asked me to begin my "play": "I don't know what you have to write where, when, and why did you go swimming, then is how to have an accident, I didn't know that, you start listening to the teacher. ”…… Yeah, that's good, Xiang verbal expressions more clearly, I even took on a surreal feeling. Met I don't understand where I am talking Ren Xiang, asked him "why", asked him "what's up". Chatting, Ren Xiang on the causes, process, results more clearly described and detailed. See: I slipped forward stand, at the foot of the sand begins to loosen, whole body involuntarily to sink, and water is poured over the head, and a survival instinct that I kept slapping the water, desperately hoping to get on top, can't breathe in water, hold out, just open your mouth water to the poured ... ... Articles need interludes written psychological activities. Ren Xiang said mental activity well said, it doesn't matter, because he was feeling at the time was "demeaning" Ah ... ... The time to speak out after, Ren Xiang only one sentence: when I'm drowning, swam up my classmates, I hauled. "Why is it so simple? Ren Xiang? To students of the language, write it out. "So I was pointing, Ren Xiang writing.
  "Lessons learned" section, Ren Xiang wrote the most experience: I lay motionless on the shore on a beach, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, a Word, a blank mind. Back home, I did not let my parents know. Since then, I still didn't give up the secret underground river bathing, but once you have that experience of being flooded, I learned how to swim, and no matter what I do, I care, things I have to be well-planned, ruminating, every aspect has to be taken into account.
  Composition is finally finished. Later in the column, Ren Xiang article was displayed as a good composition. Ren Xiang letter copy writing, put me in the front of his name. I asked him why, he said: "we do not write essays? "Ren Xiang and I" cooperation "in this essay, because Ren Xiang concluded:" the original writing is also quite easy, as if to speak. Writing before and after class to talk and write. "
  This is my first time and students ' "cooperation" of writing, I found this "cooperation" writing method works, I also found that takes teachers to discover their potential, to dig it up. Then I and several other poor students the basis of "cooperation" wrote several compositions. I only started using this method, because then, everyone had worked out the method of writing, do not require this "collaborators".