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Middle School language learning method

Many students think that language is hard to learn, unlike science such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and the like, there is a law of formulas available. Language learning is a cumulative process, needs to achieve a certain degree of accumulation can give you in return. But all too often, the students facing exams and college entrance examination, accumulation has now too late, and did not focus so much on the only language on this subject. Even if the tutor to the child, it will not achieve very good results. So what is it? In fact, there are some methods of cracking.
1, bearing in mind the textbook words after the words in the table, including Ruby, then you both test and the college entrance examination, the first and second questions will not lose points.
2, words and phrases discrimination issue seems to difficult, but by a process of elimination are often very easy to get the answer. We are not looking for four words are suitable for one, but to find a Word and sentence do not match that of the three.
Find errors in sentence 3, nothing more than a few: the missing ingredient mixture, composition, sequence, and so on, keeping in mind the types of errors that may appear, then disease exclude it.
4, write the ancient poetry is often giving you a headache? Go online to find past exam college entrance examination to the text of the poem, and then back down. Workload reduced by more than half, but test results that are quite nice.
5, modern reading, be sure to read the article first, then read the article and find the answer to the first question, look at the second problem, and then continue to read articles, this one by one to find the answer. Since modern test is often Exposition, expository look at once and often foggy, I don't know what it says, and the concept is very fuzzy, the benefit of this is targeted, a question for the answer clear.
6, reading, you need the text inside of the classical style and word usage back down. Work load is heavy, but very useful, in fact, a book has so few classical, hard, once and for all.
7, the last to talk about writing, you know the exam entrance attended by so many people, read a teacher just a few, large amount of tasks, another time to read all the papers provided, they generally do not have time to carefully read your essay. Sweep the beginning and end of the eye, squint eye. So it is important to write a good beginning, write a good ending, sloppy in the middle point doesn't matter. Write neatly, of course, is a subjective impression of the composition to you a crooked Word so that the reading teacher headache, he doesn't give you a low score will be odd.