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Three stages of language learning

The learning process is a process of accumulating knowledge, according to our test experience we can be summed up as "the trilogy" (understand-memorize-use) understanding:
Language learning is to more see extracurricular books, more read good articles, more see newspaper, even slogans, and advertising, ancient so-called "everywhere watch are learned", to more channel, and clock to received foreign information, but some students because on by learn of things smattering, or fundamental not understanding, so into middle school dictation primary school learn had of poetry "every festival times Sze", "times" will wrote "prepared", and "was", "Weicheng towards rain light dust", "light dust" will wrote "morning", I wants to if students real knows this sentence poems of mean, Will not cause this error. Why students particularly large number of typos and strange, is the main reason don't understand the meaning. Note in the language learning process to enhance teaching in this area, will undoubtedly receive a good result.
Second memory:
Students in learning process in the always Qian learn Hou forget, semester just began taught of content to Midway on forget has, passage on no longer has what impression has, analysis reasons main is no heart to read heart to remember, so tutor recommends everyone, except in understanding of based Shang back Chung outside necessary of also to do notes, good memory than rotten written, eye had times than hand a again.
Three applications:
The saying goes, "practice", in a sense, the accumulation of knowledge and the application of, and are reflected in the writing. Problems of students in learning to learn, write write, written completely separately and will not imitate the famous idea of the layout, learned so many beautiful words not flexibly to its own article, article is devoid of content to be boring. Xiang Fuxiang to learn and save, can achieve the objective of consolidating knowledge, learning and provides a source for write.
Language difficult to learn, we need sustained accumulation, must follow the principle of language learning, the use of "understanding, memorizing, using" learning method, keep looking and thinking, writing, people, reading and writing skills will gradually improve.